BIIANCO says goodbye to awful exes with “That’s What Friends Are For”


Breakups are never easy. Especially when you struggle to make a clean break and that ex is still on your mind. Well talk to electro chill-wave artist BIIANCO and she’ll say ditch them… ‘that’s what friends are for.’ Her new single “That’s What Friends Are For” is a hypnotizing track haunting listeners with bold, atmospheric soundscapes and lush, moody vocals. This powerful, alluring tune is all about making those crappy exes a thing of the past as you lean on your friends for support. BIIANCO sings, “light one up in your beat-up car, screw your ex he’s a bitch and so are all his friends.” Through her soft yet sassy tone, you sense deep anger rising. We all could use a friend like BIIANCO in our lives to hold us accountable when we need it.

Silvana Estrada The Ford

The Los Angeles-based queer talent encourages females to know their worth within this release, but also in other ways as well. A producer, she inspires women to go after what they want, even if it is in a predominantly male industry. BIIANCO aka Gabby Bianco, relishes that freedom to create her projects the way she pictures them in her mind’s eye. That full creative control make her offerings so intimate and personal.  “That’s What Friends Are For” truly showcases her musical innovation and fearless flair.

Words: Chloe Robinson

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