BIIANCO preps music video for “Get Up”inspired my Mesopotamian goddess, Inanna

BIIANCO — Photo by Katie McGehee

Smoke Season’s singer/songwriter Gabby Bianco steps out of the duo she and bandmate Jason Rosen created nearly 6 years ago to release new solo work, a feat that does not lose sight of Bianco’s experience with Smoke Season, but is rather a progression of sound that grows out of its origins.

“Get Up,” is a hypnotic song that permeates into one’s brain in an almost symbiotic manner. The lyrics are heavy and dark, turning simple phrases into deep confessions. The song is paired with a highly imaginative music video (coming soon) inspired by Sumerian mythology and more specifically the Mesopotamian goddess, Inanna. Forces of life and death dance fiercely in this song, and are magnified by Inanna’s journey into the underworld, one that begins in a painful death and ends in a powerful rebirth.

Bianco does not recreate herself entirely for this departure, and she hardly changes much for her stage name; a second “I,” is added to Bianco’s last name so that BIIANCO seems to have an extra stamp of singularity if you will.

What’s interesting about this departure is that Bianco takes her artistic endeavor and expands it to include ideals of equality and feminism. In BIIANCO’s music video for “Get Up,” every person involved with the project is a womxn; the spelling denotes an idea of womanhood that is inclusive to transgender women and women of color. The song itself is a strong symbol of self reflection and feminism, and Bianco’s decision to give meaning to her words through tangible action is commendable and well executed.

You can listen to BIIANCO’s new music here. Her music video for “Get Up,” will be out later this month.

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Feature by Patricia Sanchez

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