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BIIANCO casts a spell on watchers with “Checkmate” visuals

Ever been so obsessed with someone or something, you lose yourself with that fixation. Well BIIANCO’s transcendent tune “Checkmate” is all about getting caught up in a deep infatuation and eventually finding the clarity to emerge from it and heal. The seductive vocals softly lure you in and you are instantly hooked. Directed and produced […]

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BIIANCO Lets Go of a Toxic Relationship on Latest Single “Teeth Bared”

Gabby Bianco doesn’t just live, she attacks each moment with passion. And that may explain the explosion of energy on her latest single. It contains the intense pressure of a toxic relationship in quarantine—something the queer musician and producer experienced last year. “Teeth Bared” is the first single from BIIANCO of the year, and it […]

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BIIANCO and Cassandra Violet carol of the bells christmas song
PREMIERE: Carol Of The Bells … EDM? BIIANCO and Cassandra Violet Just Stole Christmas

Electronic dance queen BIIANCO teamed up with the wild songstress, Cassandra Violet, for a ‘Carol of The Bells’ that should have been our winter theme song all along. Every December musicians try their hand at a Christmas or holiday covers, and every year, the best ones land on our winter playlists. The ladies fronting this […]

BIIANCO shares trippy video for new single “Rice Crispies” — LA date at Hot Shot Muffler

Operating as the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and producer Gabby Bianco, Los Angeles-based BIIANCO is steeped in the kind of electronic, chill-wave tones that could only be born out of a sleepless city bathed in neon. BIIANCO’s new single “Rice Crispies,” thrives on a thrumming soundscape of moody electronica that’s lent a sensual wonder in Bianco’s […]

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Ninet Tayeb at the Echo
Ninet Tayeb brings her Israeli infused Rock to the Echo, BIIANCO kicks off the energy

I normally spend my Tuesday nights at home eating dinner and watching Netflix, but last night the Echo was the place to be! Ninet Tayeb was performing her energetic rock-n-roll with support from Olivia Grace and Biianco. Olivia Grace got the evening started with her soft and soulful vocals. Bathed in blue light she sang […]

BIIANCO preps music video for “Get Up”inspired my Mesopotamian goddess, Inanna

Smoke Season’s singer/songwriter Gabby Bianco steps out of the duo she and bandmate Jason Rosen created nearly 6 years ago to release new solo work, a feat that does not lose sight of Bianco’s experience with Smoke Season, but is rather a progression of sound that grows out of its origins. “Get Up,” is a […]

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