BIIANCO has teamed up with fellow Los Angeles-based artist Mary Droppinz to create a fiery new track in the form of the thrumming dance igniter “La Discoteca” (feat. My Name Is Alex). It’s the latest new song to be shared by the hybrid DJ/artist/producer since the release of their Mixtape #3 this year — songs like “Get Right” and “Money Power Freedom (and a lover)” heralding their unequivocal status as one of the premiere fashioners of kinetic electronica.

BIIANCO has made a name for themselves as a prolific collaborator whose innovative partnerships result in emotionally, physically, and sonically absorbing music across a spectrum of dance genres. Their latest release “La Discoteca” capitalizes on their absorption of the similarly eclectic dynamism generated by both Mary Droppinz and My Name Is Alex. Together the trio produces an entrancing rush of oscillating tech and bass house — an enthused rave of irresistible beats that thunder with euphoric fury.

Against such immense collisions an array of warped synths and buzzing electronica alongside BIIANCO and Mary Droppinz’s shared vocals. “It’s going down en la discoteca,” they chant to the track’s fiercely throbbing rhythm. Throw in some industrial-sized breakdowns and a dizzying soundscape that sends you down the rabbit hole of a heady bass abyss. It’s exactly the kind of song meant to rouse a dancefloor into an otherworldly frenzy of cathartic release, one that rallies around the rapt community found there.

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Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “La Discoteca” (feat. My Name Is Alex) the new single from BIIANCO and Mary Droppinz below!