BIIANCO Returns To Level Dancefloors On Explosive New Track “Get Right” (feat. Dread MC)


BIIANCO returns with a ravenous new dance track with the release of “Get Right” (feat. Dread MC), the latest from the electronic music disruptor which also serves as a tease of their forthcoming new mixtape. They will also be playing a string of shows this month across the U.S. and U.K. which will include a stop at MILLK Party in Los Angeles on Apr. 8. The new track follows two previous singles that really define the DJ and producer’s ear for creating eclectic and dynamic collaborations of both different EDM genres as well as the other artists often featured on their tracks. From the thrumming electro-energy of “Close to Love” to their incandescent team-up with Maiah Manser on their ecstatic hit “Money Power Freedom (and a lover).”


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Devastatingly energetic and hitched to a feral collection of beats, like many of BIIANCO’s tracks “Get Right” is one drawn-out explosion. One that uses garage and bassline to edge listeners toward its rhapsodic drops, dishing out a spiraling collection of jittery rhythms and anxious percussiveness. But it’s more than just heady electronica that keeps you fixated and hypnotized: BIIANCO supplies their contorted vocal trippiness which bleeds enough into the spastic sonics that it virtually becomes a part of them. Then there’s Dread MC who fulfills their role with gusto as this wild party’s hype man and guide.


At this point, it’s clear that BIIANCO has a knack for creating the kind of insatiable dance tracks that recreate the beserking spirit of the dancefloor. If there was ever a DJ/producer/performance artist that could wrangle all the different elements that make a mesmeric night losing yourself to such oscillating and sensory overloading beats — it’s BIIANCO. And “Get Right” is just the latest in many forthcoming tracks that will no doubt appear on their new mixtape that will do just that. Simultaneously leaving the dancefloor a craterous mess while also leaving those who partake aglow in the live wire energy that emits from their music.

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See BIIANCO at MILLK Party in Los Angeles on Apr. 8.

Visit BIIANCO on their websiteTwitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “Get Right” the new single from BIIANCO below!

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