Stream BIIANCO’s New Single “Money Power Freedom (and a lover)” (feat. Maiah Manser)


BIIANCO is back with another bass-quaking track on “Money Power Freedom (and a lover)” (feat. Maiah Manser), their first new song and collaboration of 2023 but surely far from the last. After releasing their momentous Mixtape #2 back in 2021, the producer/DJ effectively established themselves as a prolific creator of infectious dance tracks. The singles they’ve released since have only continued to build on that image but BIIANCO also has a special talent for utilizing the myriad talents they often feature on their tracks.


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With “Money Power Freedom (and a lover),” BIIANCO taps Maiah Manser to join them on the electronic blitz that makes up the song’s main melody. Together the duo has dubbed it their official anthem for the new year — a rapturous banger that fuses their insatiable love for thrumming dance tracks and a hopeful manifestation for the new year.

Between the song’s frenetic beats and spiraling energies, the dynamic pair make their emphatic declarations: with chants of “money, power, freedom” punctuating the space between every sonic drop. While the lightning-quick “and a lover” zooms past, twisted into a higher-pitched distortion. If there was ever a song to eradicate your doubt and kindle a raging bonfire of confidence for the future — it’s this one.


The music video for “Money Power Freedom (and a lover),” directed by both BIIANCO and Manser, channels the song’s frantic currents into mesmerizing visuals. Starring both artists the video sees the duo performing the song in front of a mellow yellow backdrop — but decorated and surrounded by retro animations pulled straight from the 90s.

Adorned with silvery angel wings and a glossy-gold halo, metallic pink hearts spilling from their mouths, and spinning gummy bears and coins with dollar signs filling the space around their bodies. Just like the track that soundtracks it, the music video is hypnotic and electric.

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Words by Steven Ward

Listen to “Money Power Freedom (and a lover)” (feat. Maiah Manser) by BIIANCO below!

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