BIIANCO Teams up with Songbird Sessions for Sister Rhythm – A First of its Kind Womxn in Electro/House Music Showcase

BIIANCO — Photo Credit: Loamis Rodriguez

Teaming up with Songbird Sessions to create Sister Rhythm, a womxn-centered musical event and workshop, artist BIIANCO is extremely proud to help spearhead the electro / house music showcase while also reinvigorating their own journey as an artist through community and collaboration.


Kicking off with artist Bri Giger, Sister Rhythm will take place on April 26 and the Lodge Room in Highland Park and will feature a medley of womxn music artists who have cultivated a robust career writing and producing their own music. Not only will the event highlight womxn music artists and producers, it will also connect prospective musicians with resources through an additional date of programs on April 29 via the Artist Pass where attendees can get access to Femme House workshops that provide educational resources for artists and producers on their learning journey, including: Arturia software, KIT Plugin software, Slate Digital Software, and 25% off your Pirate Studios bookings.

“We came up with this idea that people could buy an artist pass and get all this educational content on music production and have access to software and studios donated by brands so those who are trying to work on their own artist project and HOLY SHIT it ended up being so much cooler than any of us could have imagined,” BIIANCO beams.


Highlighting and supporting womxn producers and artists through events such as Sister Rhythm is imperative, BIIANCO adds, in transforming the music industry into a more equitable landscape for non-male and nonbinary individuals.

“Non-male artists tend to start learning how to produce later which means they’re playing catch up throughout the earlier parts of their careers,” notes BIIANCO on the lack of support for womxn musicians and producers. “And don’t let the “CLOSE THE GENDER GAP” campaigns confuse you – we still have an industry where male producers are 95 percent of the time getting the jobs, plus agents, plus labels, plus opportunities that elevate their careers over non-male counterparts. The bigger we make this movement, the louder our voices are, the more the industry as a whole will see us and the paradigm will shift.”

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Writing music true to their soul, BIIANCO finds it extremely holistic to collaborate and foster a sense of community with other non-male artists. Receiving an elevated sense of self and finding essential support through aligning with other womxn artists, BIIANCO mentioned it is very humbling to have had these valuable experiences throughout their career and is excited to pay it forward through this upcoming event and via their continued collaboration with womxn aritsts.

“Nobody gets anywhere alone. Community is what elevates voices and has been from day one,” BIIANCO says. “I need it, I thrive in it, and I am uplifted by it. So, I’ve taken the approach that I am constantly trying to cultivate and give back when I can.”

Even among the digital age of music, where many artists use the same producers, resulting in the same sound spread across multiple musicians, BIIANCO finds a way to create a unique sound writing and producing all their tracks. Their latest release, “Pray2u,” a collaboration with MOONZz, is a great example of their commitment to community and creating banging house tracks that make you “ugly cry.”

BIIANCO also boasts an interactive, intimate social media presence that further extends their reach in the music world through DIY producing tutorials and a first-hand view of their experience as a womxn artist.

“I believe firmly in making your social media work for you. And what that means is your online presence should meet you where you’re at,” BIIANCO notes. “I have garnered an audience that wants to see videos on me teaching production tips or performing highly technical music loops. I have to do those anyways when I’m producing and prepping for live performances, so the social media content ends up being an extension of what I’m already doing.”

Sister Rythm

Sister Rhythm takes place April 26 from 7 p.m. to midnight at the Lodge Room in Los Angeles and includes in its line up BIIANCO, MNDR (DJ set), EREZ, Maddy & Lottie of SOS Music (DJ set), Bri Giger and more. General admission tickets are $29.46 and artist passes (includes general admission ticket to the show on April 26 and access to Femme House workshops on April 29) are $45.62. Fans can purchase tickets here.

“Fans — if you are on the fence about buying a ticket to see that non-male artist or producer, purchasing their album, sharing it on your social media — do it. You’re a part of a larger cultural movement that is trying to level the playing field and every single thing helps.” ~ BIIANCO

Interview by Patti Sanchez

For more on BIIANCO, make sure to visit their website and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

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