Gabby Bianco doesn’t just live, she attacks each moment with passion. And that may explain the explosion of energy on her latest single. It contains the intense pressure of a toxic relationship in quarantine—something the queer musician and producer experienced last year. “Teeth Bared” is the first single from BIIANCO of the year, and it is a de facto 2021 anthem: ready to leave the cycle of harm in the past. Listen below and grab some BIIANCO merch on her website

“I wrote this song after having my heart annihilated in a toxic relationship in 2020. As I started healing, I went through stages of grief that I can only describe as rolling emotional waves. This song was born at the start of my rage phase. … I wrote and produced it all in 48 hours and that was the best therapy I’ve ever had.” – BIIANCO

Low basslines set the tone for “Teeth Bared.” The track skips along menacingly, holding its prey in the crosshairs. “I met the devil and I found him in your touch,” Bianco sings, extracting malevolence from her lover’s fingertips and delivering it right back to them, this time through searing vocal loops and scarlet drum machines. What may feel like a vengeance story is really only the start of one, and perhaps that’s even not where it’s leading; either way, it sure is cathartic. 

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by: Zoë Elaine

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