BIIANCO shares interactive new video for her ecstatically dreamy new single “pins and needles”


Los Angele dance-pop artist BIIANCO has shared a mesmerizing and interactive new video for their latest single “pins and needles,” a dreamily ecstatic pop anthem from their upcoming EP Mixtape #2. Written about the artist’s experience with monumental heartbreak, “pins and needles” manage to be a song that you can both empty your pain into while also losing yourself to its momentous dance-hooks. With its treacherous switch-footing between the tranquil swell of its ethereal sonics and the waves of synths and percussion that crash on its sublime chorus, “pins and needles” is poignant navigation of the powerful emotions that swirl within us during moments of intense pain.


Directed by Scott Fleishman using a 360-degree camera, the video for the single places viewers right at the center of BIIANCO‘s journey into choppy waters alongside a rocky Southern California coastline, as they fight against the powerful slamming waters pretty direly. And as you start to pull the camera around to catch BIIANCO pushing a boat into the waves, all the bubbling synths explode in effervescent unison — leaving you awash in its overwhelming need for catharsis.

“‘pins and needles’ is about heartbreak so powerful it leaves you numb for years,” BIIANCO said of the new song. “But I’ve learned that most things rebuild in time — including a wrecked heart, and eventually, you will find yourself tiptoeing back to feeling (albeit more cautiously) with new skin.”


BIIANCO’s new EP Mixtape #2 is out October 28, pre-save it here. Visit BIIANCO’s website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Watch the video for BIIANCO’s new single “pins and needles” below!

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