BIIANCO casts a spell on watchers with “Checkmate” visuals

BIIANCO -- Photo by Scott Fleishman
BIIANCO — Photo by Scott Fleishman

Ever been so obsessed with someone or something, you lose yourself with that fixation. Well BIIANCO’s transcendent tune “Checkmate” is all about getting caught up in a deep infatuation and eventually finding the clarity to emerge from it and heal. The seductive vocals softly lure you in and you are instantly hooked. Directed and produced by the same team as the interactive video game, “checkmate”, the visuals’ witchy, mystical feel is utterly haunting. Set in a cabin in the woods, they conjure up a love spell, but things don’t go quite as planned. With a graceful levitation scene and an exorcist style crazy head spin, the video has everything you would expect from a classic horror. The piece portrays an aesthetic evoking vibe of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, but it also pays homage to other scary works as well. Fans of Hereditary and Midsommar can really appreciate the visual nods to Ari Aster’s films. Even if that is not your thing, any viewer cannot help but be bewitched by the riveting offering.


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BIIANCO is a fierce force in the industry, taking full control of their confident tracks. As not only a singer but also an engineer, the talent brings their work to life in every aspect of the creative process. Recently revealing themselves as non-binary, they are also taking charge of their identity as well. BIIANCO admits, “I have spent 30 years unpacking my relationship with my feminine, masculine, gender, privilege and my queerness. But the past year has been a crash course into the most intimate parts of my identity. I’m finally able to grasp why it’s felt like I’m wearing someone else’s body at times.” Now fully aware of their true self, that authenticity can be seen in this bold release. 

Words: Chloe Robinson

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