Chong the Nomad

Chong the Nomad a.k.a. producer, DJ, and artist Alda Agustiano, is back with a new off-kilter, pop jam in “Wrote A Lil Song” (feat. Maiah Manser). The track is essentially the anthem you never thought you needed to perfectly describe the kind of sibling rivalries and fights you’d have as a kid, inspired by Manser’s own relationship with her sister. Across its buoyant melody and sparse but punchy synth flourishes and beats, she gives a pretty accurate, tongue-in-cheek recall of the intense vehemence siblings can inspire.

And with the layering of Manser’s vocals, “Wrote A Lil Song” feels even more like a fight between two sisters. “No I don’t want to go to your party / When all you do is pick a fight after you call me,” she sings as her own shrieks and shouts loop in the background. But between Manser’s vocalizations and Chong the Nomad’s playful beat switch-ups, the song is less about anger than just getting to express your immense frustration at someone you know you’re going to have to see every day. So in a lot of ways “Wrote A Lil Song” is a pretty realistic “love song” to your most annoying sibling. Go tell them to give it a listen!

“Wrote A Lil Song” is the first single Chong the Nomad has shared this year, following a busy 2020-21 that saw her release a string of singles that led up to her debut EP A Long Walk. Radiant and sublime standouts include the glitched-out beats of “Go Away” and “Bb,” not to mention a splendorous collaboration with Benjamin Gibbard on “Provider.” Keep an eye out for more music coming from Chong the Nomad and in the meantime check out recent singles “Get Back” and “No Pulp.”

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“I had gone through a bit of a disagreement with my little sister and had a lot of fun creating an anthem of no longer putting up with someone who treats you badly,” Manser said of the single’s inspiration via Bandcamp. “I really wanted to bring the lyrics back to that childlike/sibling rivalry most of us have experienced, and how sometimes that continues no matter how old you are.”

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Words by Steven Ward

Listen to Chong the Nomad’s new single “Wrote A Lil Song” below!