MILCK Orchestrates Powerful Protest Song “We Won’t Go Back” featuring Ani DiFranco, BIIANCO, and Autumn Rowe in a Charged Response to the Roe vs. Wade Overturning

MILCK 2022

In an urgent pressing to make intentions clear and lines drawn, singer-songwriter, producer and advocate MILCK has shared a new protest song, “We Won’t Go Back,” a chanting, drum heavy anthem that also unites the voices and talents of BIIANCO, Autumn Rowe and Ani DiFranco. Together, this powerful group responds unabashedly to the recent overturning of Roe vs. Wade — the ruling in this landmark case protects a Woman’s right to an abortion on a federal level and its overturning marks the loss of this right for Women in the United States.


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“We Won’t Go Back” is a powerful, expansive new single that is motivating, moving and representative of several generations of activists and multi-dimensional musicians. This coalescence of united, progressive individuals steps up to support all women in America and to express not only disdain, grief and frustration, but more importantly strength.

We Won’t Back Down 2022
Single Cover Art

The single came together after MILCK attended a rally at the Supreme Court after word of the Roe vs. Wade overturning was leaked to the public. While there, MILCK recorded protesters chanting and converted the audio into a musical sample that she shared on social media, offering the audio to her community with the intention that others would contribute their voices and stories. From there, other activist artists and fans stepped in to lift each other up.


“Community is the cure for most problems, and this song was no exception,” says MILCK. “BIIANCO jumped on as lead producer and co-writer. My instagram follower @malmooge contributed lyrics. Autumn Rowe lent her vocals, and Ani DiFranco added a whole layer of badassery with her vocals and guitar.”

“We Won’t Back Down” is available now on YouTube and 50 percent of the proceeds from the YouTube release will be donated to Planned Parenthood. The protest single will be available to stream online on other streaming services June 30. Pre-save the track here.

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Words: Patti Sanchez

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