Hotel Cafe joins UnCancelled Music Fest featuring Madison Malone, MILCK, Rett Madison + more

uncancelled music festival

The music industry and especially local, independent scenes have been badly wounded in the wake of the mandatory venue closures due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Live streaming has been an easy stopgap to reaching fans and soothing some understandable anxiety with music, but it doesn’t quite make up for tour cancellations. Now venues are able to set a lineup on StageIt as part of UnCancelled Music Fest, where they are able to earn revenue as well as pay artists for their appearances, all virtually. 

Hotel Cafe was the first to release a lineup for UnCancelled, and it includes some familiar names such as Colbie Caillat & Justin Kawika, Madison Malone, MILCK, and Rett Madison. Grimy Goods also recommends checking out Josh Jacobson, Hamish Anderson, and Ari Tibi. The “fest” begins April 2nd; see more about the lineups here

uncancelled music festival

Music fans who may be looking for a way to contribute to local musicians should tune in and consider tipping, a notable feature of StageIt. Hotel Cafe has also set up a Relief Fund specifically for distribution among their employees, stating on their website:

“As we all now face an uncertain future, we turn to each other and our sense of community to help us get through. With our doors being closed, all of our staff members have found themselves out of work for an unknown, extended period of time. These are the devoted people who have spent years with us, giving themselves whole-heartedly seven nights a week to make sure our community has some of the best musical experiences of their lives.”

UnCancelled Music Fest is organizing several more stage setups, provided by curators including Spaceland Presents, Fender, Kensington Presents, and more. The Fest’s mission is to “[bring] together musicians, fans, and venues from around the globe affected by the COVID-19 crisis for a virtual concert experience.” If you would like to be a curator, apply on their website.  

Follow Hotel Cafe on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Donate to their Relief Fund here. Follow UnCancelled Music Fest on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

uncancelled music festival

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