o future

On November 15, O Future dropped their latest album, Voyeur, and today the band reveals a music video for the dreamy single, “Control the Rain.” The duo, comprised of Katherine Mills Rymer and Jens Bjornkjaer, also once known as OOFJ, forge electronic compositions like no one else in the niche genre.

O Future have composed documentary film scores including for an upcoming Ai Weiwei film; they are also writing a violin concerto with The Concert Master of the Royal Danish Opera and developing an algorithmic opera with graphic design team, SULSOLSAL. Though O Future originated in South Africa and Denmark, respectively, they now call L.A. home and have been known to make the stage shake when they perform around the city. Their next show is November 25 at School Night. RSVP for free entry below.

“‘Control the Rain’ lyrically is a love letter of sorts to Cape Town, and all the ‘amphetamined’ heavy nights in the city. And musically we wanted to make a South of France, ‘road trip to Cannes’ shimmer with like an ascending depression that creeps up on you while you watch the flowers grow.”
~ O Future

“Control the Rain” is a standout track on O Future‘s new record, with muted bass pulses that respond to Mills Rymer’s airy vocals and foreboding string runs in the background. The video emphasizes overwrought sensuality—euphoria is plastered on her face even during a lightning storm. So much for taking the parasol out.

The opening siren wail of “Spy” beckons you into the twisted funhouse of dark sensuality that is Voyeur. Thematically, it relates closely to the title track’s thesis, and more broadly, it creates a solid foundation for more industrial electronic beats and orchestral overtures. Of course, that only applies if you’re completely unfamiliar with O Future’s oeuvre; in the album’s lead-up, Grimy Goods had noted the seductive saxophone on “Telephone” and the overwhelming emotion of “Stay” and its video. 

Excited, syncopated percussion defines much of O Future’s discography, so much so that it remains noticeable even in their slower songs. Naturally, their orchestral flair is also an essential element, grounding what would otherwise be deep drum and bass club hits.

“Jump in the Lake” and “Smell You” challenge these categories while simultaneously fitting into both, given the former’s storybook yearning and the latter’s four-on-the-floor proclamation of love. Sonic and lyrical nuances dance together across these eleven tracks, as you likely will, too. 


Voyeur is out now. O Future will perform live at School Night on November 25; find more info here. Find the band on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

words by: Zoë Elaine