o future

How many spam phone calls do you get in a day? O Future’s new single “Telephone” is about that split second of wonder between the ring and the realization that no one special is trying to reach you on the other side. It can make you detest phone calls in general but this cinematic, slow-burner will make you feel a little less lonely while waiting around for calls that won’t come from friends you don’t have. 

“The only good and spicy phone call is one from a new lover, an old lover…or maybe when you find out you inherited you dream house, shares Katherine Mills Rymer. “No one calls … except spammers.”

The avant-garde couple often intertwines symphonic synths with colorful airy vocals amid whatever content they choose to write about, and “Telephone” shows off their melodic, flirtatious side.

Imagine a midnight drive with your lover; a saxophone seduces you under the foggy neon lights, vivid 80s horror film synths generate a slightly discordant but oddly irresistible atmosphere…and then its over.

It was just a spam call. 

Rymer (South Africa) and Jens Bjornkjaer (Denmark) make up the “terrifying electronic duo” O Future. They’ve written about everything from medieval devotion (Stay) to smelly cheet-o’s in “Smell You,” (watch below) which reached #1 on Hype Machine. Word on the street has the duo scoring something new under warps film, as well as working with Chinese artist Ai Weiwei

Words by Ariana Tibi

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