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Joy Downer

Joy Downer

This local married duo dropped their debut Radio Dreamer EP in January, and we found ourselves spinning it on repeat for the rest of the year. We learned a lot about them in our March interview, such as their connection to Kolars (who produced the EP), the significance behind their moniker (which since their wedding has been lead vocalist Joy’s legal name), and the personal connections behind much of their work. With a couple shows lined up in early 2018, we’re ready to see where their career takes them.

The subject of Joy Downer’s debut EP is love, describing on various tracks the serendipity of finding it at first sight or the heights of its power. On “Goddamnit” we find the band lamenting the tougher side of romance. Their typically sunny disposition is clouded by a restlessness, marked by unwanted and overwhelming emotion. Read more.

Joy Downer will be playing at the Troubadour on January 19th; get tickets. For more updates on the band, follow them on Instagram.

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