Forecast: 15 Los Angeles Bands / Artists To Watch in 2018

vōx at Pico Union

vōx at Pico Union — Photo: Emery Becker


Sarah Winters, who goes by the stage name vōx (say: wokes), is a true spectral icon. Her show at the Pico Union Project made an impact, with opener Banoffee appearing elsewhere on this list. But it was vōx’s command of an inherently spiritual place that I won’t soon forget. Her new EP capitalizes on deep pauses and striking a cappella melodies, making it one of the most interesting and enduring releases of the year. We can only cross our fingers for more in 2018.

vōx, Latin for “voice” and often band shorthand for “vocals,” doubles as a symbol of unity for the LA artist–her voice is our voice too. It is her chosen instrument, and her new EP, I Was Born, is resplendent in vocoder and layered a cappella. Her music has an uplifting spirituality that reflects the faults of life, most accessible in her single and video for “I Still Care.” Read more.

You can see vōx open at Lauren Ruth Ward’s 1/22 residency date at the Echo; the show is free. To keep up with vōx, follow her on Facebook and Instagram.


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