Photo by Rachael Cassells

Wyndham Garnett, the singer/songwriter performing under the moniker of WYNDHAM, has shared the music video for his song “Bossa Blues” off his upcoming third solo album A Fistful of Stars. A meandering folk piece in the vein of Jose Gonzalez and The War on Drugs, Garnett’s deep, grating vocals scratch that unreachable itch that exists in the deepest part of the soul—a desire to move, a wanderlust for human connection.

“Bossa Blues,” a guitar peddling tangle of whining tones and percussive textures, finds Garnett at his most meandering—his warm vocals winding through a whimsical melancholy that eventually loses itself delightfully in the song’s warbling sonics. And all delivered, via the sublime little film it soundtracks, against a sepia-toned elopement that sees Garnett wooing his love on a small beachside. Twisting and twirling his fair maiden in the film pretty much nails that blissful realm two lovers can find themselves in when the entire world seems to be filled solely filled with their affection.

A multi-instrumentalist in his own right, Garnett—once a member of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah—isn’t your run-of-the-mill, bearded singer/songwriter wielding a folksy-demeanor. His previous release as WYNDHAM, the expansive Made in Voyage, was 1970s rock stylized stroll through some of Garnett’s more ambitious soundscapes. A Fistful of Stars similarly has the intention of embedding itself in the heart and soul of its listeners, with the soft echo of Garnett’s lush vocals serving as its guiding light in that well of sound.

“I wrote “Bossa Blues” with my cousin, poet Callie Garnett. We wanted to capture memory’s super power over time and space–the way that it can give you roses in December or thorns whenever, depending on how you look at good experiences that have come to pass,” Garnett said of the video. “For the video, directed by Regina Harris and shot by Joseph DiGiovanna, we sought to capture and continue the exploration of memory and fantasy. Something surreal, but also rooted in reality, like a painting by Magritte, who’s influence is crucial to its aesthetic, which was executed beautifully by production designers Mack Closmore and Hanne Bjelland.”

WYNDHAM will be playing the Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles on May 3 for a record release show of his new album A Fistful of Stars. Pre-order it here.

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