Luci is Ashley Maietta, McKail Seely, Ariana Tibi, three singer/songwriters who first came together after an impromptu harmony session in a North Hollywood apartment. Described as a modern version of Crosby, Stills, and Nash with the added bonus of Destiny Child’s pop-harmonies, Luci tip-toes between folk and pop with delicate care.

“When we play in LA, they think we’re country. When we play in Nashville, they think we’re pop!” Tibi has said of the band’s genre predicament, but regardless if they sound more like one or the other their latest release “White Horse” is a catchy, hook-filled piece of folk-pop in its own right.


Between the upbeat acoustic twangs and galloping percussiveness, Luci’s harmonies cut deep with an affectionate dig at the “damsel in distress” trope on the song. Filled with the three singer/songwriter’s sassy sentiments on knights, dragons, damsels in need of saving in towers, “White Horse” makes the argument that not every woman is in need of saving.

“It’s a song about not needing to be saved all the time…about how even if it looks a certain way, you’re not always in distress and you don’t need some big, tall, six-foot-something knight in shining armor to come and get you,” says Maietta. “We don’t hate the knights, we’ll need the knights sometimes, we just don’t need them waving their swords in our faces 24 hours a day.”

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Listen to Luci’s new song “White Horse” below!