trapdoor social

Trapdoor Social just released an animated illustration for their latest single, ‘Truth’ and we can’t avert our eyes. Animated by Señor Danger Productions, the video is a vivid representation of the surf rock band’s eclectic energy, ‘Truth’ is the third release connected to their upcoming LP.

Trapdoor Social will be playing in LA at the Hi Hat next month, and recently announced that they were chosen to support the infamous B52’s on their European Farewell tour


‘Truth’ is a dynamic indie rock tune, sporting jangly guitars and dancing drums. Directed by Rigel Yaluk Mosquera, neon emotions drive this story. Electric, rich colors flash across the screen as pencil sketches of each band member perform the infectious rock tune. Though anthemic and spirited, this song is deceivingly energetic when you zoom in and find a more philosophical message: the purest love does not reside outside of ourselves, but within. 

“‘Truth’, despite its upbeat vibes, tells us that the perfect love we tend to believe in does NOT exist and that we must find that love within ourselves! In the video, our hero chases the elusive love interest as a metaphor for that misled belief.”- Sky

Trapdoor Social is illuminating the way for indie rock bands with a mission. Born out of an environmental studies class in college, the groups shares music that plays with the subjects of love, philosophy and social critique. Trapdoor Social actively promotes environmental health and consciousness and have joined the forces of music and activism to benefit institutions like Homeboy IndustriesMesa Ridge High School, and Kids Cancer Connection.

The indie band is also well known for their outdoor, solar-powered concerts, like the Sunstock Solar Festival which takes place annually in Los Angeles.

Their latest release, “The Move,” is a song all for social change, featuring actual protest footage from one of the members. The music video follows Sky as he rides his bike around LA, as he evades carbon emissions and supports a healthy niche that shouldn’t be so niche. Check it out below! 

Catch the excitement on June 8th at the Hi Hat, and keep up with the movement on Trapdoor Social’s Instagram

Words by: Ariana Tibi