Brass Box Bring Their Shoegaze Mythology to the Echo for June Residency

brass box
Brass Box — Photo by Jenny Rolapp

If you plan on attending the Echo on Mondays in June, remember your earplugs—there will be noise. Local quartet Brass Box will be the month’s residency headliners, with an overflowing cast of supporting artists sure to worsen your tinnitus. This coming Monday will include Lone Priestess (which includes Kimi Recor of DRAEMINGS) and the dreamy Das Kope; see the full list of artists performing Brass Box’s June residency below.


Brass Box seem to record inside their namesake. Echoes bounce all over the band’s new album, The Cathedral, and lead singer Ammo Bankoff’s voice never wavers. She spins mythological tales: the crowded guitars create a landscape of brutality underneath what can only be a message from a goddess, coming directly from the heavens. As one of the leading singles, “DDM” squared both elements up elegantly.

The band does not simply emulate shoegaze, they bruise it. They manhandle it until there are chips on the edges and worn out corners. In the tussle, Bankoff proves to be an omniscient observer rather than a player, as she never succumbs to the oppressive wails of guitars and percussion. Feel her authority on “Latency,” an ode to resurrection. Use her as an anchor during the record closer “Parting Ways,” which may shackle the living or free the dead, depending on your perspective.

Listen to The Cathedral on Spotify or Bandcamp. Follow Brass Box on Instagram and Facebook.

Brass Box June Residency At The Echo

June 3 – Brass Box supported by: Lone Priestess, Das Kope, Strand, and DJ Bonnie B (Death Valley Girls)
June 10 – Brass Box supported by: Tangients, Skin Mag, Dancing Tongues, and DJ Justin Maranga (Dune Altar)
June 17 – Brass Box supported by: Dol Ikara, Crook, Deth Crux, and DJ Matt James (Vowws)
June 24 – Brass Box supported by: Bob Villain, Foie Gras, Thief , and DJ Anthony Cozzi (Cold Showers)

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