Fiona Grey Pays Homage to the 60’s Classic Noir Films with New Video for “Saviour”


In the last visual for her Cult Classic EP, Fiona Grey’s “Saviour” is an ode to Marie Antoinette, Felini, and the classic noir films of the 60s. Grey creates an intoxicating black and white world using elegant wardrobe and expressive choreography, inviting us into the story of the relationships that once made her feel weak.  


Dancers jet across the screen in a struggle for balance while Grey, in an in-between modern and vintage glam dress, cheers champagne with friends. Taking place at a lavish party, a couple challenges each other for power and attention.

It’s passionate and playful, personifying the way we find our place in different relationships. The expressive, dark pop song features LA songstress Emma Cole on powerful vocals, joining the cast of women as they vie for virtue and atonement.

The impressive wardrobe (Alexandra Mandelkorn) evolves throughout the video to show the characters internal struggle.

Grey worked with Kevin Stea (Madonna, Michael Jackson) for the choreography in this sensual piece, creating a story harnessing angst and releases it in the form of victory. 

“Cult Classic EP was deeply rooted in the ways we worship pop culture, we escape in our vices and the ways that money effects love,” Grey says of the project. “This video was a stylized version of relationships I felt weak in, this song was the inspiration to regain strength.”

Catch Fiona Grey at Black Rabbit Rose on June, 12 and SoFarSounds on June 13! Keep up with the party via her Instagram.

Words by Ariana Tibi

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