Lost In A Lover: Multi-instrumentalist Hēran Soun Debuts With ‘Barricade’

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Hēran Soun creates a dynamic, ornate world in his artist debut: ‘Barricade.’ Lush, endearing tones tell a story in every corner of this tale of two lovers losing innocence to one other. The tendency we have to melt entirely into our person is not without sacrifice; in the end boundaries must arise, a barricade.

As if he’s here to deliver the listener an unequivocal message, Hēran’s voice starts off the track in a mellow yet poignant verse. Off-beat drums lend a slice of pop to the arrangement, while strings create a moving, suspenseful atmosphere. The soft omen continues as the mood thickens and dips, the soundscape floating into a minor key.

“I could see my bad habits, addictions, self-destructive tendencies rubbing off on you, I needed you to protect yourself, a barrier to keep that innocence. To be the positive which attracted my negative. To be the relief from this world, rather than being a mirror back at me.” — Hēran Soun

Hēran Soun was born with only 15% hearing which eventually dropped to 0%. Around the age of 9 Hēran’s surgeries proved successful and his silent childhood resulted in a young man enthralled with the magic of music. Born also with the skillset and talents to learn everything himself, Hēran spent hours, even days, in solitude, endeared by the myriad of sounds one could create. Oakland based, Hēran’s sound is experimental and fresh, inviting us into his world.

Listen for Hēran Soun’s next release by tuning in with him on Instagram.

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