Monogem Entices Us Once Again With ‘So Many Ways’, A Song Dedicated To Love

Photo Credit: Sarah Noel

“So what is love? Is it when I hold back?” – Monogem, ‘So Many Ways’

Monogem just delivered a track that floats like a sultry daydream. ‘So Many Ways’ carries us on a wave through pop synths and subdued drums, her voice hypnotizing us from the start. The dazzling track materializes ‘love’ in its many forms, reminding us that it is an energy we are free to define and embrace ourselves. 

Glittery 80’s keys scatter like seeds in the background while a contemporary beat holds our focus. Monogem’s gentle vocals slither around in this modern, atmospheric ear-worm, with thoughtful lyrics about the fluidity of connection. 

“I wanted to capture all the feelings of falling in love, being in love, being tempted by love, and pulling it all apart, in one song,” Monogem says of the track. “I want anyone who listens to it to feel energized and free to fall in love with anyone and anything around them. “ 

Inspired by the cosmic phenomena, Monogem blends her own form of seductive soul and sleek alt-pop. Binge her music on all streaming platforms and keep up with the rising star on Instagram.

Words by Ariana Tibi

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