Holdan Sutton shares melancholic single “Magic” from upcoming debut EP

Holdan Sutton

L.A. singer/songwriter Holdan Sutton has shared a first listen from his upcoming debut EP with new track “Magic,” an earnestly crafted soundtrack to the kind of intense melancholy the artist was facing daily, not so long ago. A sleek blending of folk-intimacy and lush atmospherics, Sutton’s latest capitalizes on the singer’s soothing croons and a lyricism that overflows with intense emotionality.

Sutton stands at an intersection of varying tastes and talents: decidedly punk-rock with alt-pop sensibilities, he moved to L.A. at 15 and spent his days cutting his teeth as a drummer in a myriad of rising punk acts before staking his claim as his own artist. The result of that endeavor comes in the form of his six-track debut EP I Lost My Friends In The Spring due out this fall. As far as first looks go, “Magic” paints a portrait of severe isolation and despondency but not without its share of hope; all of which is delivered via Sutton’s cutting wails and penchant for soundscapes as shifting and dynamic as the emotions behind his songs.


“When I wrote ‘Magic’ I was not in a good place,” explains Holdan. “I was working a job that was killing me. I just kinda poured everything I was feeling at that point in my life into this song hoping it would give me ease, things really didn’t seem like they were gonna work out. But this song really helped and is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written, and hopefully, it will help someone else.”

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