Premiere: Paper Idol shares new bass-thumper with “Feel Real Pretty”

Paper Idol — the pseudonym from which Matan KG creates his pulsing electro-pop—has shared his latest single in the form of bass-buster “Feel Real Pretty.” A thumping, danceable electronic track that takes the best of Paper Idol’s nu-disco fascinations, “Feeling Real Pretty” combines all manner of electronica from spiraling synth-beats to 80s video-game-esque sonics.

As the auteur of Paper Idol — Matan writes, records, produces all the music for his project himself while also designing all the artwork. After leaving behind his office job in Copenhagen, Matan made the move to Los Angeles with no home or job waiting for him—and somehow he managed to uncover the blisteringly addictive sounds and beats of a decades-old L.A. and inject them into his songs. And those melodies of vibrant synth-work and heady-bass swirl—as they do on “Feel Real Pretty”—alongside all the far-out oddities that inspire Matan’s lyrics and sounds themselves, be they personal experience or daydreamed fantasies.


“I wrote ‘Feel Real Pretty’ while working as a project manager in Copenhagen; the brutally-long hours in the office brought my imagination to interesting places. One day, the story for the song popped in my head: some guy goes to a club, finds his drug dealer, buys some drugs and is told to ‘come back for more when you feel real pretty.’ I thought the concept of getting high as ‘feeling real pretty’ was a bit bizarre, but it made the perfect lyric. The scenario was painfully out of reach and felt taboo to even imagine, given that I was stuck in an office all day.”

Paper Idol will be playing Echo Park Rising on August 16. Visit his website, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

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