Hot Band Alert: Landroid share video for debut single “Yellow Sea” — a cosmic ode to the odyssey of the afterlife


Desert-dream-pop duo operating out of the sand-dune landscape of Landers, CA from where they take their name—Landroid have shared a first listen off their upcoming debut album with “Yellow Sea.” Pulled straight from the cosmically-inclined minds of Cooper Gillespie and Greg Gordon, the track and accompanying video is an ode to the odyssey of the afterlife—or at least whatever comes next. Between Gillespie’s haunting croons, which puncture in sublime fashion through the melancholy and wonder of the film—which finds a young girl, ignored by her parents, slipping through her sandbox into a dimension where her red dragon and rabbit puppets come to life—and Gordon’s otherworldly melodics, Landroid split-the-difference somewhere between Pink Floyd and Beach House. The film itself is visual wonder, featuring Gillespie adorned in red and white face paint—an ethereal vision of transcendence that gives life to her already celestial howls.

“‘Yellow Sea’ is about transitioning from this dimension to the next. A lot of people in our lives passed away this year. This song is a meditation on the hereafter,” Gillespie said of the song. “For the ‘Yellow Sea’ video, we worked with one of our favorite directors, Patrick Flaherty. He helped us realize the concept visually. We imagine we’re all children in the netherworld. We found this amazing young actress named Carly Bateman who brought the idea to life. In the video, she journeys through a portal to the afterlife. It’s not scary after the initial shock of her transition. There’s actually a lot of wonder and joy on the other side.”

Watch the video for Landroid’s new single “Yellow Sea” below!

Landroid will be playing a few shows this fall in support of their upcoming album, with a record release show slated for September 14 in Joshua Tree—those interested are encouraged to message the band via their website. Their debut Imperial Dunes is out September 13 via Mojave Beach Records. Visit their website, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated on new music and tour announcements.

Landroid Tour Dates:

09/14/2019: Record Release Party in Joshua Tree
09/20/2019: Landers, CA @ Landers Brew Co.
10/26/2019: Twentynine Palms, CA @ The Palms

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  1. adam of the family sechler

    perfect example of the Gentrification that is putting the final nails in our casket out here. I’m not going to sit by silent and let these people kill what little good is left out here

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