James V leaps into a new passion with video for “Blondie” — LA date at Non Plus Ultra Aug. 3

James V

L.A.’s James V (aka James Thormer) is back with another wonderfully weird video for you to enjoy. James V has just released the music video for his latest track, “Blondie.” The video is just as delicious as the funky-psych-pop number. It dances with joy, it teases your senses and just makes you feel so damn good. And who knew James V has such serious dance skills … Check it out for yourself below.

Watch James V’s New Video for “Blondie”

“The video plays with the contrast between our external and internal-facing selves, and what we do for the affection of friends and strangers on the internet through layers of physical and virtual separation from each other. Once we reach a physically isolated location (such as your bedroom), we often act in completely different and idealized ways for approval than we would compared to our outside ‘IRL’ presentation of ourselves.” ~ James V

On the real though, we think that interpretive dance is a secret passion of James V’s. I mean, look at those gracious “Calypso leaps” — either he’s got a secret talent we never knew about or he found himself a Craigslist dancer.


James V has a Los Angeles gig this Saturday, August 3 at Non Plus Ultra with Cafe Molly, Brenden Eder Ensemble, the Pesos and DJ Colleen Green. James V will embark on a short Southwest tour in September, including another L.A. gig (venue TBD).

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9/5 – Taos, NM – PARSE SECO
9/6 – Albuquerque, NM- Sister Bar
9/7 – Phoenix, AZ – Lost Leaf
9/8 – Los Angeles, CA – TBD

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