Hot New Music: Stream James V’s new track “Television,” and grab yourself a tube while you’re at it

james v television

Artwork by Angelo Rosales

James V is keeping things weird with his track “Television.” Masterminded by Los Angeles vocalist / guitarist / bassist James Thomer, “Television” is smooth and swirly, with just the right kind of weird. I’m not talking just any weird, I’m talking that special weird. The kind where a stranger passes by you on the street and flashes you a creepy-sweet smile where you swear you just saw a micro elf dancing on his tongue … that kind of weird.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”#FF78FF” class=”fistclass” size=”15″]”The song is about using forms of media to get away from your problems and to get a place of escape and numbness, explains Thormer. “In the most general way. Which I think everyone does to an extent. For me this was written a long time ago actually, like 2012/13.”[/perfectpullquote]

Produced by Thormer and mixed with help from Sean Guerin of De Lux, “Television” is available as a download via Marriage Records and Gnar Tapes; but wait, it’s also available as a TELEVISION! Yes, you read that correctly. With a limited quantity available, you can listen to “Television” over and over again via an actual clunky-ass T.V., a cathode-ray tube to be exact! Somebody, please holler at Gizmodo and tell them these T.V.s are no longer obsolete! Grab your very own “Television” television here!

James V has a Los Angeles show tonight at the Hi Hat in Highland Park with The Memories, NQQV, and Healing Gems. The gig kicks off his West Coast tour with Nequaquam Vacuum. If you know what’s good, you’ll be there.

James V Tour Dates

7/10 – The Hi Hat – Los Angeles
7/11 – San Luis Obispo
7/12 – San Francisco
7/13 – Oakland
7/14 – Sacramento
7/15 – Portland
7/16 – Boise
7/17 – Salt Lake City
7/18 – Santa Fe
7/19 – Phoenix
7/20 – Las Vegas
7/21 – Indio

So what kind of television does James V watch himself?

“On TV, growing up one of my favorites was always David Letterman. But right now of the ‘normal’ TV channels I watch 60 Minutes, Jeopardy, the Bachelor (which is like watching the country tear itself apart) and always the Simpsons. And all HBO.”

Stream James V’s “Television” below!

Listen to another dopes song by James V below!


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