Lucy Arnell

L.A.-based Lucy Arnell has shared the video for her song “Shadow’s Coming Over to Watch a DVD,” which will be part of a split cassette release with post-punk-pop provocateur Holiday Sidewinder. The film—co-directed and shot by Arnell’s good friend Tess Wachter—is an oddity specific to Arnell’s own vision. A grunge-rock rambler soundtracks the film, which sees looped clips of Arnell at the beach spliced together with some seriously psychedelic animations and scenes of her hugging a delightful, Hawaiin-shirted man.

Conceived while on tour with Sidewinder in support of Mac DeMarco after “some long drives, some joints deep,” Arnell’s video for “Shadow’s Coming Over to Watch a DVD” has all the DIY grime and sublime that oozes itself from her heady guitars and mulling drone.

Of the video Arnell says: “Tess is my old bud. My ‘ol pal. We once created a spider infestation, it was not our fault. We just wanted to get the honey bread. She knew how to blow up the pineapple. This one’s for Dad Flags, wherever he may be.” 

Arnell will be performing this Saturday, Aug. 17 at Echo Park Rising at Sticky Rice (she’s also featured as a Must-See Act at Echo Park Rising). She’ll also be going on tour with Lola Kirke as bassist. A new record is due out sometime early next year, an 7″ EP to be released via Bob Nastanovich (Pavement)’s Broker’s Tip Records.

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