45 Must-See Bands at Echo Park Rising 2019

Echo Park Rising is coming to the streets of Echo Park, in East Los Angeles this Thursday, Aug. 15 – Sunday, Aug. 18. Quickly becoming one of the best free summer concerts series in Los Angeles and one of the best Southern California music festivals, 2019’s Echo Park Rising is not to be missed!

Every year Grimy Goods handpicks a plethora of bands as Must-See Acts at Echo Park Rising. With hundreds of incredible bands performing, this is no easy feat. Check out below our selections for the 45 Must-See Acts at Echo Park Rising. Bookmark, screenshot and / or add this page to your reading list so you can view it later.

CRX at Echo Park Rising — More Photos by ZB Images
CRX at Echo Park Rising — More Photos by ZB Images

STREAM: 45 Must-See Acts at Echo Park Rising 2019

In Chronological Order ... And please note, set times are subject to change. Always check the Echo Park Rising Schedule for Updates


derde verde

1. Derde Verde

Melting indie folk into a sea of philharmonic arrangements, LA-based group Derde Verdebrings us the introspective journey, ’Waking The Dream.’ Formed in 2008 by singer/guitarist Dylan McKenzie and bassist Jonathan Schwarz, Derde Verde has released several EP’s and can be found touring the world or playing intimate rock shows in LA.
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Thursday, Aug. 15 at Sticky Rice (9pm)


2. Bone Acre

High desert-based Bone Acre is a powerful story and a new music act fronted by Caroline Heerwagen. When they appear live, they are a quartet comprised of Jason Obergfoll, Adam D’Zurilla, Sean Burgess and Ashley Mendel … Through a vivid work of fiction, Heerwagen works through highly personal trauma. Growing up as the daughter of two military officers, she was taught to repress her feelings. So in her darkest moments, as she endured assault that she confronts in the new record called Oll Korrect, she was alone. “This album has been such an act of rebellion for me,” shares Heerwagen, noting her newfound openness.
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Thursday, Aug. 15 at American Barber Shop (10:10pm)

The Birth Defects
The Birth Defects

3. The Birth Defects

These guys unleashed a rogue wave of hardcore punk. With lightening fast guitar riffs and drums that pummeled your face, The Birth Defects were a hurricane of energy. Singer Jason Finazzo draws you in with a manic stage presence that commands your attention. Between his unique voice and those perky ringlets bouncing off his head, he won’t soon be forgotten.
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Thursday, Aug. 15 at American Barber Shop (11:30pm)

4. Beauty Queen
Thursday, Aug. 15 at Sticky Rice (8:10pm)

5. Foliage
Thursday, Aug. 15 at Spacedust (10pm)

6. Healing Gems
Thursday, Aug. 15 at The Echo (10:30pm)

7. Goon
Thursday, Aug. 15 at The Echo (10:30pm)



8. Livingmore

Local retro rock outfit Livingmore is regimented in the all right ways. As the band and I loudly chat over coffee on a hot day in Hollywood, drummer Mike Schadel breaks it down: “Everyone has a role,” and with structure, they are able to avoid disagreements and negative energy. Frontwoman Alex Moore jokes, “We’re like the mafia.” Without missing a beat, bassist Rodrigo Moreno adds, “and if they don’t do their thing, they get whacked.” Read More

Friday, Aug. 16 at Little Joy (5:30pm)

veronica bianqui

9. Veronica Bianqui

You may recognize Veronica from her work with Isaac Rother & The PhantomsThe Blank Tapes, and Jail Weddings. The retro songbird is also quite the solo artist! Songs like “Aah, Paris…” and “If Love’s A Gun, I’m Better Off Dead” are crazy catchy and just make you feel good and wishing you knew all the words to sing-along. Bianqui WILL enchant you with her adoring vocals and sunny 60s-esque tunes. Go catch her live at Echo Park Rising.
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Friday, Aug. 16 at TAIX (7pm)

flames of durga

10. Flames of Durga

Like two maenads taking part in a rite of delirium, twin sisters Beah and Cecilia Romero of the new East Los Angeles band, Flames Of Durga sure know how to put on an impressive rock show. Not only do these fierce brunettes deliver those early female punk vibes (think Babes In Toyland and Bikini Kill), but they’re quite easy on the eyes. Without a care of their sweaty bodies and matted hair, the ladies of Flamed Of Durga will get on the floor in the style of early Iggy Pop, letting out gut-wrenching howls as they immerse themselves into their punk madness. The band have a new song out, hear it on our Best New Songs of the Month Playlist.
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Friday, Aug. 16 at American Barbershop (7pm)

Paper Ido
Photo by Anna Lee

11. Paper Idol

As the auteur of Paper Idol — Matan writes, records, produces all the music for his project himself while also designing all the artwork. After leaving behind his office job in Copenhagen, Matan made the move to Los Angeles with no home or job waiting for him—and somehow he managed to uncover the blisteringly addictive sounds and beats of a decades-old L.A. and inject them into his songs. And those melodies of vibrant synth-work and heady-bass swirl—as they do on “Feel Real Pretty”—alongside all the far-out oddities that inspire Matan’s lyrics and sounds themselves, be they personal experience or daydreamed fantasies.
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Friday, Aug. 16 at Spacedust (7:30pm)

Yip Yops
Yip Yops at Echoplex — Photo: ZB Images

12. Yip Yops

Youngsters the Yip Yops have passed a lot of big milestones since we first featured them in 2017. The band have toured with local superstar Lauren Ruth Ward and had residency at The Echo / Echoplex, in addition to playing many great venues with ace bands. Yip Yops have been gaining momentum and notable fans at a meteoric rate. Yip Yops are vox / guitarist Ison, drums — Ross, bass — Jacob, and keyboards — Mari. They are a throw back to new wave with a bit of B52’s a sound that seems to be developing a movement in the LA scene.
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Friday, Aug. 16 at Little Joy (8pm)

kills birds

13. Kills Birds

Kills Birds was originally founded as a secret project between and guitarist Jacob Loeb. In 2017, with the addition of Fielder Thomas (bass) and Bosh Rothman (drums), the project went from secret and small to full blown band. Ljeti herself is an award-winning Bosnian-Canadian filmmaker whose artistic eye lent itself to the “Jesus Did” music video. Over the last two years, the band has drawn attention from music lovers because of their intensely raw live performances. With a sharp tongue for words, excellent means of delivery and an undeniable energy, the band exerts a satisfying amount of chaos channeled on stage as currents of electricity all running together.
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Friday, Aug. 16 at The Echo (9:15pm)

The Paranoyds

14. The Paranoyds

For those days when it’s “fuck this shit o’clock” or you just “can’t even” and seeking musical refuge is the only option to keep from losing your head, Los Angeles garage rockers The Paranoyds have got you covered. The four piece is comprised of Lexi Funston, Staz Lindes, Laila Hashemi and David Ruiz and with an arsenal of rock ‘n’ roll influences ranging from The Breeders to The Violent Femmes to fellow L.A. local bands, it’s no wonder they’re kicking ass and taking names.
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Friday, Aug. 16 at The Echo (10pm)

Spare Parts for Broken Hearts at The Satellite
Spare Parts for Broken Hearts at The Satellite — Photo: ZB Images

15. Spare Parts for Broken Hearts

Fueled by ferocious chunky riffs and emotive vocals, Spare Parts for Broken Hearts waste no time grabbing your attention. The Long Beach-based rock band just released their new song “Big Win” and it can be heard on our Best New Songs of the Month Playlist. We love Spare Parts for Broken Hearts because they make us FEEL, their tunes inspire us to sing-along and it’s all done so effortlessly. Not to mention, their blend of heavily distorted guitar riffs, pulsing drums and soft, melodic vocals is absolute perfection.
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Friday, Aug. 16 at American Barbershop (10:05pm)

17. Cigarette Bums
Friday, Aug. 16 at Spacedust (3:30pm)

18. The Haunts
Friday, Aug. 16 at Spacedust (5:30pm)

16. Palm Springsteen
Friday, Aug. 16 at Liberty Stage (7:10pm)

19. Miss Jupiter
Friday, Aug. 16 at Spacedust (7:30pm)

21. Night Talks
Friday, Aug. 16 at Little Joy (9pm)

20. Justus Proffit
Friday, Aug. 16 at Storybooks Cafe (9:30pm)

22. Mirsy
Friday, Aug. 16 at Sticky Rice (11:30pm)



fawns of love

23. Fawns of Love

Fawns of Love, the creation of wife-husband duo Jenny and Joeseph Andreotti, recently dropped their gorgeous shoegaze album ‘Permanent.’ Their second full-length album, the record deals with a “state of flux,” however — sleek, electronica buzzing tracks such as “Mournful Eyes” will keep you enchanted in all the goth feels as sublime synth and guitar-murmuring tickler your senses. Jenny’s voice is soft and lulling, a tone that is carried throughout all their dreamy tunes. Needless to say, Fawns of Love experiment in the intertwining of various musical influences. Their very name a homage to a Kate Bush record, the band mingle the cutting and distant tones of the likes of Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine, and The Chills, with that of the pop energies of The Smiths and New Order.
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Saturday, Aug. 17 at The Echo (3:15pm)

Paul Bergmann
Paul Bergmann

24. Paul Bergmann

With an with an honest, raw energy and a sweet tendency to whistle while her performs, folk musician Paul Bergmann will have you swooning at Echo Park Rising. Quiet and restrained, Bergmann’s sound is at times similar to that of Sufjan Stevens. At times his live show is accompanied by keys, adding a nice layer to an already charming performance. Whether performing solo with his guitar or joined by additional instruments, there is power in Bergmanns simplicity; it draws the focus to the poetry in his lyrics, and the melodies bring emotion to the forefront.
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Saturday, Aug. 17 at Stories Books Cafe (4pm)

talk time

25. Talk Time

Lincoln Heights is home to Talk Time, a fairly new rock quintet that has been making a splash since releasing their soaring ‘Year of Self’ EP. Carving their niche around the likes of Future Islands and Young the Giant, the band knows how to deliver those anthemic numbers that beg for your to sing-along or get your groove on to. Songs like “Colors” have an 80s vibe to them and are fabulous for cutting’ that proverbial rug. While the more subdued “Paperhearts” is a lovely, slow-burning listen. Talk Time will be channeling those warm poolside vibes of Los Angeles this weekend at Echo Park Rising. Don’t miss out on their lovely live experience.
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Saturday, Aug. 17 at TAIX (5pm)

brass box

26. Brass Box

Brass Box seem to record inside their namesake. Echoes bounce all over the band’s new album, ‘The Cathedral’, and lead singer Ammo Bankoff’s voice never wavers. She spins mythological tales: the crowded guitars create a landscape of brutality underneath what can only be a message from a goddess, coming directly from the heavens. As one of the leading singles, “DDM” squared both elements up elegantly. The band does not simply emulate shoegaze, they bruise it. They manhandle it until there are chips on the edges and worn out corners.
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Saturday, Aug. 17 at Sticky Rice (5:15pm)

French Vanilla at The Echo by Andrew Gomez
French Vanilla at The Echo by Andrew Gomez

27. French Vanilla

French Vanilla are the feminist art punk quartet that you didn’t know you needed. That is, if you hadn’t already seen them playing around LA before. For the past couple years, the band has been on a semi-constant tour, with tons of local dates bookending trips all over the country. The band pulls no punches when it comes to their exceptional live show. Lead singer Sally Spitz owns the stage, galloping around her bandmates as they keep pace with her unpredictable vocals. Raise those fists in the air and get ready from some French Vanilla at Echo Park Rising.
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Saturday, Aug. 17 at Liberty Stage (7pm)

Lucy Arnell

28. Lucy Arnell

Local rocker, Lucy Arnell is coming at you with fuzzy grit and rock ‘n’ roll riffs. With her own blend of garage grunge, Arnell has always had an affinity for the noisy, but she also has the swift ability of keeping it soft and tender, and almost always blends the two mediums of sound. Arnell’s latest single, “Shadow’s Coming Over to Watch a DVD” has all the DIY grime and sublime that oozes itself from her heady guitars and mulling drone. Arnell is dope. Don’t miss out.
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Saturday, Aug. 17 at Sticky Rice (7:20pm)


29. Guards

After a 6-year hiatus, musician Rickie James Follin and his band Guards finally released their new LP, ‘Modern Hymn’ this past May, and it fuckin’ rocks. Hands down one of our favorite records of the year. Filled with jangly rock ‘n’ roll rhythms as heard in the band’s fiery single “You Got Me” — Guards deliver a fun sound packed with lots of synth and bass and delecteable bites of pop bliss. Catchy, uplifting indie rock anthems such as “Beacon” will give you all the warm fuzzies as the track is swoon-worthy ode to Follin’s daughter.
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Saturday, Aug. 17 at The Echo (7:30pm)


30. SARO

Crumbling static and thundering drums parallel Saro’s voice as it emotes through a misty atmosphere. While one track floats with his airy falsetto, another is full of energy, his emotions heightened and dancing. Sara just released his third EP, ‘Die Alone’ and it may just be his most raw deliverance yet. The EP is a collection of seven songs that tell Saro’s story in a stream of conscious, emotive work of art. The title track is a two-minute entry into his world, as if we are being led through the woods by his voice, experiencing his raw emotion. High notes fall through the brisk, piano driven landscape as he addresses a lover, exposing the gender for the first time in a song.
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Saturday, Aug. 17 at Liberty Stage (8pm)

velvet starlings

31. Velvet Starlings

Christian Gisborne, the 16-year-old singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist behind indie outfit Velvet Starlings, hits the nail on the 70s stylized head with his single “Sold Down the River.” Billed as a Cage the Elephant meets Jim Morrison hybrid, Velvet Starlings lean heavily into the comparisons and a lot of it is perched on Gisborne’s sonorous wails. Hoarse, cutting, and informed by a grit that is wielded strangely well by the young singer, Gisborne lifts the song’s Dylan-esque lyricism from a trite pining of decades past into an impassioned commentary of today’s socio-political climate.
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Saturday Aug. 17 at Semi-Tropic (10pm)

La Chamba

32. La Chamba

Those of you in it for the long hual at Echo Park Rising, can not miss out on the vibrant Amazonian grooves of La Chamba. Peruvian chicha (Peru’s version of cumbia) and with all the worldly psychedelic feels, La Chamba is the band to see if you want a refreshing sound to dance your heart out. Slick, steezy and a whole lot of fun, you can’t go wrong with a live performance from La Chamba.
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Saturday, Aug. 17 at Semi-Tropic (12am)

33. Das Kope
Saturday, Aug. 17 at The Echo (3:15pm)

34. Pink $ock
Saturday, Aug. 17 at The Echo (4:50pm)

35. Alaska Reid
Saturday, Aug. 17 at Little Joy Cocktails (5pm)

36. Sofia Bolt
Saturday, Aug. 17 at The Echo (8:20pm)

37. Big Search
Saturday, Aug. 17 at Sticky Rice (9:50pm)

38. Balto
Saturday, Aug. 17 at Cosmic Vinyl (10pm)


Bob Villain at Bootleg Theater
Bob Villain at Bootleg Theater

39. Bob Villain

I was first introduced to Bob Villain by chance when I showed up early to see Paul Bergmann last September at the Bootleg. Everything about him was a shock, from his menacing costumed aesthetic to his doom-filled Lana Del Rey cover to his general gothic rock style; I found myself in fascinated awe of him … Deep vocals resonate with sparing strums of guitar, an alarming combination to say the least. What makes Bob so scary is his ability to manipulate your senses, convincing you to fear him when there is no evidence he would actually do you harm.
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Sunday, Aug. 18 at The Echo (2:15pm)

eva b ross

40. Eva B. Ross

Wouldn’t it be great if we could fix our problems before we face them? Local songwriter Eva B. Ross wrote her debut single about that very thought. Know for her delightful light-hearted melodies, Ross just released a brand new song titled “Pet Names.” Her soft breathy voice shines as it does in all her charming tracks. It’s jangly, it’s fun and it’s all Eva B. Ross.
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Sunday, Aug. 18 at Pharos Athletic Club (3:15pm)

Temme Scott

41. Temme Scott

L.A. based songwriter Temme Scott stand still amidst a flurry of chaos in the music video for her latest single “The Silent One.” Much like the rest of her tunes, “The Silent One” is written in an entirely autobiographical style—evoking wistfulness and brute strength. With Scott’s latest single “The Heat,’ the song soars with a dark suspense as Scott’s breathy croons pull at the heartstrings of those listening. It’s a sultry, intimate track that commands your attention.
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Sunday, Aug. 18 at Pharos Athletic Club (4:45pm)

DMTina and The Bumps
DMTina and The Bumps at Beach Goth Pop Up — Photo: Jessica Moncrief

42. DMTina and The Bumps

So Cal drag queen DMTina, is always a damn good time. This queen just about always receives a standing ovation even before her show begins. She riles up any crowd with her band’s renditions of punk staples which almost always create mosh pit. Labelled as The Growlers’ ‘hype (wo)man’ back in 2014, and it seems that not much has changed. She remains an irreverent, wig-optional, down-for-whatever Queen.
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Sunday, Aug. 18 at Little Joy Cocktails (5pm)

Fell Runner at Zebulon
Fell Runner at Zebulon

43. Fell Runner

Fell Runner describes themselves as a band that takes inspiration from West African rhythms and melodies. Especially influential to their music were the teachings of Ghanaian drum master Alfred Ledzekpo to whom the band studied under. In their newest single, “Supermarket,” a melodramatic winding stroll down produce aisles and shame. Eclectic sounding, slow wheeling and quite breathy, “Supermarket” is a song that asks you to take a number and wait for each word and instrumental to land. Talks of “naughty’ actions and the sudden attention of someone drives a rather unorthodox narrative within the song where the speaker runs away from possible embarrassment, choosing to hide in the supermarket.
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Sunday, Aug. 18 at Semi-Tropic (9pm)

44. Loyal Lobos
Sunday, Aug. 18 at Sticky Rice (4pm)

45. Dream Phases
Sunday, Aug. 18 at Sticky Rice (11:30pm)

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