Kills Birds Whip Up Scorching New Single in “Jesus Did”

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Los Angeles-based band, Kills Birdshas come out with a new single, “Jesus Did.” This new song comes at the heels of the band’s self-titled debut album, Kills Birds, that arrives via KRO Records on Friday, Sept. 20. “Jesus Did” is the third track to be released by the band, all of which we can find on the upcoming album.

The new single is a roaring message transcribed in highly efficient sound waves. It’s gritty, ballsy and not afraid to mince words and question expectations. Accompanied by a rather hard to place music video, the song is further etched into your brain thanks in part to a music video filled with goats, coltish movement and playful camera angles.

Vocalist and lyricist Nina Ljeti said the song was a response to a bit of strange culture clash with bits of the Los Angeles social life.

“Jesus Did is a song about my frustrations with the LA scene. When I moved here I felt very alone. I was constantly surrounded by people who were difficult to connect with,” Ljeti said. “Individuals who had the luxury of never having to fight for anything, who were born with all the privilege in the world. They all walk around the clubs and bars like gods with nothing to preach. But though I struggle to connect with them, I also wish I could be exactly like them. I think things would be easier.”

Kills Birds was originally founded as a secret project between and guitarist Jacob Loeb. In 2017, with the addition of Fielder Thomas (bass) and Bosh Rothman (drums), the project went from secret and small to full blown band. Ljeti herself is an award-winning Bosnian-Canadian filmmaker whose artistic eye lent itself to the “Jesus Did” music video.

Over the last two years, the band has drawn attention from music lovers because of their intensely raw live performances. With a sharp tongue for words, excellent means of delivery and an undeniable energy, the band exerts a satisfying amount of chaos channeled on stage as currents of electricity all running together.


This spark of personality further made its way onto the album, recorded nearly live in an 8-hour, intensive recording session, produced by KRO founder Justin Raisen, who also signed the band.

“The album is very personal,” Ljeti says. “As a whole, it has no concept, but each song is reflective of what I struggled with, and continue to struggle with. Feelings of insecurity, anxiety, inadequacy, and ultimately love. Love is the main driving force behind everything I create.”

Kills Birds also announced a local show date for their record release party. Catch them Sept. 19 at LA’s Bootleg Theater. You can find tickets and more info here.

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