derde verde

Melting indie folk into a sea of philharmonic arrangements, LA-based group Derde Verde brings us the introspective journey, ’Waking The Dream.’ Formed in 2008 by singer/guitarist Dylan McKenzie and bassist Jonathan Schwarz, Derde Verde has released several EP’s and can be found touring the world or playing intimate rock shows in LA (see below for dates).

‘Waking The Dream’ was written in the midst of a transatlantic romance, floating between themes of intimacy and isolation. Subdued percussion lightly walks us into a stream of washed out vocals while strings and acoustic guitar revolve around the soundscape, much like a dream. The lyrics, which are also featured on the single artwork, can be read like a reflective poem: “The dream was born while we were young, floating on choices that carried us west.” Living in the realm between orchestral and singer-songwriter, ‘Waking The Dream’ signifies a transition for songwriter Dylan McKenzie between youth and new beginnings. 

The single marks the beginning of the release of Derde Verde’s forthcoming album, ’Slow Light’ which will be out this October. The project was co-produced by the band alongside Tim Carr and Gregory Uhlmann of Fell Runner and mastered by Philip Shaw Bova (Feist / Andy Shauf). The songs on the EP were written and recorded between Los Angeles and Belgium over a two year period, a more personal follow up to their previous “art-rock” EP Meander Belt in 2017.


We’re excited to hear their new musings, ones that promise to be rich with Derde Verde flavor. Keep up with Derde Verde on Instagram, and catch the magic live in LA: Derde Verde play Echo Park Rising on August 15th and Gold Diggers on August 26th.

Words: Ariana Tibi