Fell Runner

What’s punk about the grocery store? L.A. based band Fell Runner have a couple of answers in their newest single, “Supermarket,” a melodramatic winding stroll down produce aisles and shame. Eclectic sounding, slow wheeling and quite breathy, “Supermarket” is a song that asks you to take a number and wait for each word and instrumental to land. Talks of “naughty’ actions and the sudden attention of someone drives a rather unorthodox narrative within the song where the speaker runs away from possible embarrassment, choosing to hide in the supermarket.

The lyrics, “So scared to find out what would happen if you saw me,  so I’ll hide behind the beans and I’ll hide behind behind the broccoli, and I’ll hide out in the supermarket hoping you do n’t find me,” are sung in desperation right before the tune takes a nose dive into multiple vocals and a barrage of drums.

The song falls in line with the band’s well known complex song structures and experimental sound. Fell Runner describes themselves as a band that takes inspiration from West African rhythms and melodies. Especially influential to their music were the teachings of Ghanaian drum master Alfred Ledzekpo to whom the band studied under. 


“Supermarket” is the new B-side following the band’s release of their new album ‘Talking,’ which received a lot of support and listens from streaming site Spotify where four of the tracks off the album had enough streams to be added to many of Spotify’s indie playlists (including Grimy Goods).

Fell Runner
Fell Runner

Fell Runner, also notorious for their lively stage presence. This Thursday, the band will headline Zebulon. Fell Runner will also. be performing at the Echo/Echoplex during September for a month long residency. The line up of acts accompanying Fell Runner is equally as vibrant and includes Young Jesus, Sam Wilkes and Buck Meek of Big Thief.

Look out for more info on their September residency via the venues’ website.