Reyna Tropical pay tribute to the world’s bodies of water and life on sublime new EP Sol Y Lluvia

Reyna Tropical
Photo by Farah Sosa

A sublime blending of Afro-Mexican textures, melodies and reggaeton beats, duo Reyna Tropical have released their second EP Sol Y Lluvia. Dedicated to the “bodies of water and the communities around the world affected, damaged, and polluted by the systems around them,” Sol Y Lluvia finds a certain bliss in its lo-fi mix of stark vocalizations and sharp percussiveness.

Comprised of She Shreds founder Fabi Reyna and L.A.-based producer Sumohair, Reyna Tropical craft the kind of spacious, tropical soundscapes that one would come to expect from their moniker. But that doesn’t make their songs any less exciting—with an improvisational approach that often leads them to record songs in one take, Reyna Tropical aim for a candid authenticity that is hard to resist.

reyna tropical
Reyna Tropical at The Novo — Photo by Farah Sosa

On their new EP, a wealth of odd but lush tones come together around Reyna’s soothing vocals. “Calmada” is a dazed stroll along some far beachside, with its samples of children and crowds echoing all around Reyna’s hushed murmurs; while “Lluvia” bounces around on its heels, a thrillingly groovy dance number that swirls itself around a glowing guitar line and once more Reyna’s gorgeous cries. “Quèdate” is another thumping, dance-ready gem on the EP, one that highlights the band’s informal nature with Reyna at one point asking Sumohair to “take off that guitar” when it swerves into the song.


“It’s inspired by our time in Santa Marta, Colombia but even more so our spiritual connection con el Rio Mendihuaca—a river that originates in the Sierra Nevada of the Santa Marta mountains and meets face to face with the Carribean sea,” the band said of the EP’s inspiration. “It’s a river and a region that, like many others, is threatened by the deforestation practices happening in the area as well. The experiences behind the album will continue to unfold in the coming weeks before our release, but for now we, as guests and outsiders, would like to pay our respects to the land pictured in this image [EP cover]: el rio Mendihuaca en Magdalena, Colombia.”

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Listen to Reyna Tropical’s new EP ‘Sol Y Lluvia’ below!

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