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TR/ST – Photo Credit: Corinne Schiavone

Spacey, echoey and open — when listening to TR/ST’s new music, one can’t help but picture a wide and vast image of places and people unknown. The sultry dark-wave artist has released his new single “Destroyer” off forthcoming ‘The Destroyer – 2’ LP. Tour dates announced including a Los Angeles gig at The Novo on Nov. 1.

Earlier this year, TR/ST released the first half of the band’s two-part LP, their first new music in about four years. The band’s frontman Robert Alfons deliberately took his time on a new music project, easily denoted in the openness of his single “The Destroyer,” the title track of TR/ST’s two-part album to which the second installment is set to drop November 1.

Released in April, the first half of ‘The Destroyer’ includes previously featured “Bicep” and several other songs that have a gritty pulse to it. The second half will be a bit softer, marrying the highs and lows of the world in harmonious complexity best exemplified in “Iris,” a single that will be on ‘The Destroyer – Part 2’. The song’s heavy bass and echoey synth sounds like an amalgamation of things good and bad, but never with one overpowering the other.

With the last installment of the album coming out in just a few months, Alfons reflected on his work and the way he created his new music.

“Writing the title track for the album was such a pivotal moment in that it unleashed a whole new direction for the project and really shaped how the rest of the album would be produced,” Alfons said.

This organic and untethered process lent itself to a rather unique piece of work which TR/ST will take on the road with him for a fall tour. The band will stop in Los Angeles on Nov. 1 for a show at the Novo in downtown Los Angeles. Get tickets here.


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