Sultry, candy pop star Heather Cole’s newest video ‘Nice Guy’ is the quintessential girls night out: a lingerie party, a night club, and locking up your ex. With bouncing beats and rich vocals, ‘Nice Guy’ is about those who simply aren’t and none of us have time for that.

Heather Cole has a record of writing unquestionable hooks with feel-good, empowering content and ‘Nice Guy’ is no exception. Directed by BlueDot Productions, the amount of sass injected into the video mirrors the energy in the song, with heavy drops on the chorus signifying just how ‘over it’ she is. A classic pop song with a sexy, neon approach, ‘Nice Guy’ insists there will be ‘no more Mr. Nice Guy.’

Heather Cole is an L.A.-based pop artist and songwriter. She was born a fisherman’s daughter in Kodiak, Alaska where she cultivated her love for music at a very young age. After touring as a backup vocalist for her sister, Heather decided to come out of the shadows and produce her own project. In 2015, Cole released “Hearts Will Break” which gained attention from iHeart Radio’s “Most Requested Live with Romeo” along with some other Top 40 stations across the country. Heather recently released her debut EP entitled “One of Our Hearts,” which is also a visual project. Co-producing the entire project, Cole tells the story of one relationship beginning to end through music and film.

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