KOKOKO! fill The Echo with their succulent Congolese rhythms and eco-beats

KOKOKO! | Photo Farah Sosa

The Congolese band KOKOKO! has been making the rounds lately. This time, they landed at The Echo early in the week. The intensity of their performance was not for your regular Tuesday night as their uplifting energy left no time for standing on the dance floor.

The rumor in the audience was that they made their own instruments and once the lights hit — the pots, cans and DIY guitars had you believing all that you heard was true. The raw sounds of KOKOKO! took over The Echo with electronic distorted sounds and strong percussive beats.

The collective was born in Kinshasa in 2016 and uses up-cycled instruments invented in their neighborhoods. KOKOKO! carries a contemporary sound, filled with creativity and strength. Electronic producer Débruit plays the synths and ties up the sounds with global club beats. Defining their style is kinda difficult and closest would be their own coining it tekno kintueni but above that, hot temperature music.

KOKOKO!’s performance at The Echo was explosive and absolutely engaging. I cannot wait for their next one.


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