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Kokoko | Photo by Farah Sosa
KOKOKO! fill The Echo with their succulent Congolese rhythms and eco-beats

The Congolese band KOKOKO! has been making the rounds lately. This time, they landed at The Echo early in the week. The intensity of their performance was not for your regular Tuesday night as their uplifting energy left no time for standing on the dance floor. The rumor in the audience was that they made […]

Hot Band Alert: NVDES Bare All on La NVDITÉ Vol. 1

Local DIY pop outfit, NVDES, has earned a reputation for eccentricity. They released their debut Life With Lobsters EP less than a year ago, giving very little information about the band itself until it was out. Frontman and main collaborator, Josh Ocean, said this was “to establish the world in which NVDES exists,” one that […]

Hot Band Alert: She-Devils Deliver Unconventional Nostalgia on Debut LP

The Man-Eaters were a fictional all-lady biker gang that terrorized a small Florida town and attacked a rival male biker gang, according to the IMDB description of the 1968 movie She-Devils On Wheels. This is the same film that the Montreal-based duo She-Devils cites as its namesake, but the DIY pop band doesn’t share the […]

Hot Band Alert: The Beverleys Unleash A Snarling Debut EP

From the moment The Beverleys’ explosive self-titled EP begins you are smashed with a wave of supercharged grunge/shred. It was then, as I made the perilous journey to the volume button on my MacBook, that I reevaluated the album’s cover art. Is that Road kill? A possum if I am not mistaken? The Beverlys put […]

Ziv Biton |
Win Tickets to Hanni El Khatib & Bass Drum of Death at the Glass House

Hanni El Khatib headlines the Glass House this Thursday, October 24. Hanni El Khatib is heavily influenced by pioneers of early rock and R&B, and he has created a musical aesthetic to match his vision (with a little help from Dan Auerbach). His background in DIY, skate culture, and multi-instrumental talents makes him a pro in […]

Sandra Burciaga Olinger |
All Things Music with L.A. Couture Designer, Kittinhawk

  On Monday, we featured L.A. couture designer, Kittinhawk in our Los Angeles fashion tastemakers section. If you missed the interview with this unique and magical woman, you can check it out here. It’s a good one, and it features a lot of her astounding fashion and jewelry pieces. Today, we feature part two of our interview […]

Sandra Burciaga Olinger |