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On Monday, we featured L.A. couture designer, Kittinhawk in our Los Angeles fashion tastemakers section. If you missed the interview with this unique and magical woman, you can check it out here. It’s a good one, and it features a lot of her astounding fashion and jewelry pieces. Today, we feature part two of our interview with Kittinhawk — and it’s all about the music. Not gonna lie, the girl’s got mad style, and killer taste in music. Next week we’ll run a giveaway from Kittinhawk. Your chance to win something amazing.

GG: Which musicians have a great fashion sense?

Kittinhawk: There are only two living women in music who’s style i respect Bjork, and Karin Andersson (the Knife / Fever Ray). Beyonce’s costumes are amazing, same with Nikki Minaj and of course GAGA — but most of that is at the hand of stylists. As amazing as they look, I don’t feel most pop stars actually have a real authentic sense of fashion; money can buy you great stage-wear, but cant it can’t give you authenticity.

GG: Who are some of your favorite bands/artists?

Kittinhawk: I hate listing music because I always leave out important bands/people. I’m going to just try and list the majors — Lil Wayne, Notorious BIG, 2Tupac, Back Sabbath, ELO, Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, the Supremes, David Bowie, Alice Coltrane, Kanye, Wu-Tang, Gary Newman, Joy Division, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Beach Boys, Beach House, the knife, Blind Willie Mctell, Tom Waits, the Smiths, Glass Candy, the Stooges, Electric Wizard, Kadavar, James Brown, Ray Charles, Zola Jesus, Billy Holiday, Beethoven, Nico/ the Velvet Underground, the Kinks, T-Rex, Nina Simone, the ShangriLas … as you can see I barely named any contemporary bands, not to say I don’t listen to them — I’m just weary to name them as everything seems like a fad or gimmick that I’ll get down to it, but I’m not subscribing.

GG: Whoa. That’s a mouthful, a damn good mouthful at that .. Who are some of your favorite L.A. bands?

Kittinhawk: Deap Vally: they’re a two-piece, sexiest best girl band ever playing jaw-dropping rock and roll. Restavrant: another two-piece, hot men playing hand-made instruments and real rock and roll that you can’t help but dance to. Golden Animals: yet another two-piece, hot babe drummer killing it and the singer’s voice is reminiscent of Lou reed, but real smooth like Roxy music — another impactful heavy experience where it’s hard to keep still. Raw Geronimo: a large band, half women and half men. The music is captivating like the lead singer, it’s new, beautiful and I’m waiting for them to get famous. I also dig Jeffertitti’s Nile, As If & the Whatever’s, Beach Party, Youth Code, Ghost Porn, IO echo, Golden Ghosts, Blank Tapes … I know I forgot your band, and I’m sorry …

GG: What was your first concert?

Kittinhawk: My friend’s parents were deadheads and they took us to see the the Grateful Dead when I was 13. I don’t remember where.

GG: Who’s on your bucketlist?

Kittinhawk: TOM WAITS. Everyone else is dead or not playing anymore.

GG: What are your favorite L.A. venues/spaces?

Kittinhawk: I do not like clubs or venues all that much, I prefer weirdo-run art spaces and house parties. If I’d have to say a few, it would be the ThinkTank gallery, due to its shear size and amazing view as well as my friend who owns Thief Presents lives there and he throws amazing psych shows. Dear Raymer is an art production space in DTLA that at times puts on amazing shows mixed with art, fashion and music — it’s one of my favorite places to go due to the people who work there and the love that fills that space. I also like Pehrspace, Complex, the smell — and then there’s the obvious ones: the Echo/Echoplex, Bootleg Theater, Lot 1, Harvard & Stone, and wherever there’s good music. I will say there are lots of venues I frequent because the music is really good, but I can’t stand the atmosphere or people, so that being said: suffer for fashion, art and music because it’s all we’ve got.

Next week we’ll run a giveaway from Kittinhawk. Your chance to win something amazing! So keep an eye out for the goods.

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