Thom Sawyr

Thom Sawyr is the creation of singer/songwriter Tasso Smith, a project born out of frustration and dissatisfaction with the status quo. Written with the intention of being a unifying force against division, Thom Sawyr’s new single “Change” finds its surging spirit in a raw blend of folk-rock.

“Change” shines in its Americana roots and when combined with the hopeful melancholia of its harmony and its lucid rock-upbringing, the song touches a nerve in the present day. As a music executive and singer/songwriter, Smith has spent his career within the industry lamenting over the state of music in its demise by materialism and fame. Both in his own life and music Thom Sawyr pulls from the kind of strife and struggles that come with any attempt at finding meaning in your life.

“I remember when I first sang the chorus of ‘Change’ I was on my back patio in Highland Park strumming my guitar. It just came out, like a uncontrollable bellow of frustration from an article I had read about the medical industry lobbyists in Washington DC. It broke my heart and I remember crying while writing the rest. The hope here is that together, we can figure out how to solve the issues that exist in our world today.”

Catch Thom Sawyr live in Los Angeles on Nov. 22 at The Hotel Cafe with Ruby Sparks. Visit Thom Sawyr‘s website, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.