Who Can Sleep Band
Who Can Sleep — Photo: Charlie Chipman

Indie-folk duo, Who Can Sleep have charmed their way into our hearts with their latest single ‘All Your Love.’ A lovely, slow-burning ditty sure to deliver all the warm fuzzies with its gentle chords and lulling vocals.

The Los Angeles-based band duo made up of Dean Vivirito and Lex Helgerson, met one night while individually performing at El Cid in Silver Lake. From there, a fire was lit both musically and romantically.

“‘All Your Love’ came from a dream,” shares Helgerson. “The events in the song in some way happened in a dream I had right before waking up on my birthday. I woke up and wrote down the images and had a melody going.”

Altogether a delicate number, Helgerson’s warm lyrics send a welcoming vibe with a topic that is relatable to many: giving, receiving, loving.

“Dean is very selfless in our relationship,” explains Helgerson. “He inspires me to be more generous, and sometimes I wonder if I give enough. I wanted to express the feeling that I might not be giving as much as I receive.”

Awaking completely inspired, Helgerson immediately noted the dream and with the help of her partner Vivirito, the dream came to a gorgeous reality with “All Your Love.”

Who Can Sleep have a Los Angeles date at the Love Song Bar on January 19, and tour date scheduled for March. Follow the band via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for their latest news and music.


Stream “All Your Love” Below: