Moaning band
Moaning — Photo: Michael Schmelling

L.A. based Moaning, made up of Sean Solomon (vocals/guitar), Pascal Stevenson (bass/keys), and Andrew Mackelvie (drums). have just announced their sophomore album Uneasy Laughter (March 20 via Sub Pop). In anticipation, they’ve shared a caustic first single and video for “Ego” which marks a distinct change in style for the post-punk outfit—replacing fuzzed out guitars for synth-pop melodies while maintaining consistent and indifferent vocals.

In comparison to their self-titled debut, “Ego” is brighter and more vulnerable across the board. “The lyrics are about letting go of your own bullshit to help other people. Wanting to love yourself to love others. The ego can make you feel like you’re the greatest person in the world or the worst,” stated vocalist/guitarist Sean Solomon. “It makes you think your problems are abnormally different which is isolating and rarely true. The song is a reminder that listening to other perspectives is important and beneficial to both parties involved.”

In the Ambar Navarro (Soccer Mommy, Oberhoffer, Anna Burch) directed video, the exploration of empathy is strikingly apparent as the band puts on many different hats and assumes a handful of personas through a few different vignettes.

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