Cyn Takes Her Angelic Voice to the Moroccan Lounge — New Single “Lonely Gun”


The latest single from Detroit-born, LA-based artist Cyn is an alarming romp, which you may have heard if you went to see Birds of Prey this past weekend. “Lonely Gun” has an erratic energy apt for the movie it soundtracked—a continuation of her recent EP in both spirit and style. Cyn will be touring this spring with Sasha Sloan, and local fans will have a chance to see her tear up the stage at a headlining show at the Moroccan on April 23; grab tickets here

Her moniker may not suggest virtue, but Cyn is blessed with a pliable voice and flexible style. She sings as if still exploring where her vocals can reach, striving more for nuance than to be a pop diva (though she’d make a great accomplice to any of today’s superstars). “I’ll Still Have Me” and “Bubble Bath” thrive on restraint rather than excess and both appeared on Mood Swing, which Cyn released last September. And with the raw power that oozes out of “Lonely Gun,” something tells me that Cyn is about to blow. 


Get tickets to see Cyn at the Moroccan on April 23 here. She will also be touring with Sasha Sloan starting in late March; find tickets to those dates here. Follow Cyn on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook


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