Kerry Hart Releases Emotional and Honest New Single

Karry Hart — Photo: Lauren Dukoff

With a debut album out on Valentine’s Day, Kerry Hart has already pulled on our heartstrings with her new single “Screaming Quietly,” a stirring and slow building emotional epic accompanied by softly woven instrumentals.

Hart sings with body, spirit and mind in “Screaming Quietly,” a song that hides nothing and reveals humanity in our own, deep emotional journeys. 

“So much I’m giving over to you, so much I get to keep,” sings Hart with vocals that are delivered with such careful and loving control.

Hart’s songwriting abilities shine in this tune, evoking such humility and sincerity in her lyrics. Her vocals resonate deeply with the listener, offering up each word with wisdom and compassion. 

The whole song is a mesmerizing composition that offers a piece of insight and a peek into the psyche of someone thinking critically and instinctually about all the good and bad in the world.

While it starts off solitary at first, isolated in its sparseness, Hart’s voice and wispy electric guitar open up to a full musical arrangement that opens up into something quite beautiful, much like when one marvels at a view just over the horizon.

Hart’s debut album “I Know a Gun,” was recorded in Los Angeles at Perfect Sound Studios. She along with musicians Nick Rosen and Leo Costa put together an album that is deeply moving and musically complex.

Along with her album, Hart is participating in a “Pre-Save To Tree Save” campaign in conjunction with Eden Reforestation where the non-profit will plant one new tree for each pre-save of her album on Spotify. For more information on Hart, follow her on social media or visit her website.


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