Dance Along with Wargirl Until You’re Golden — New Song “Dancing Gold”


That steady drum isn’t in your head, it’s coming from Wargirl’s single, “Dancing Gold,” which will appear on their upcoming LP. The local group infuses lo-fi garage rock with deep funk grooves for a nearly psychedelic experience; the brand new track also features a carnal battlecry to simply be oneself. Tonight don’t miss your chance to see Wargirl at 4th and Vine Wine Bar in Long Beach for a “secret show (that’s not so secret).” 

On their new single, Wargirl engage in alchemy. Questions about astrology evolve into philosophy about the existence of the universe. The compelling cry of frontwoman Samantha Parks echoes past a few guitars and various percussion into a secluded cavern, where self-affirmations can be shouted at top volume. After all, the most valuable form of self-care is dancing gold.


Head down to 4th and Vine Wine Bar tonight, Feb. 20; info here. Wargirl will be traveling to Europe next week for a string of dates in March; more info here. And finally, follow Wargirl on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook


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