Mara Connor

L.A.-native Mara Connor embraces a twisted romance on the video for her new song “Wildfire,” one of the four tracks off her upcoming NO FUN EP. A surging, folk-tinged ballad that sees Connor wax romance on her love interest (i.e. a very lucky mannequin)–before taking a dark, however humorous, turn for the worst for the happy couple.

The accompanying video for the song is also the singer/songwriter’s directorial debut and was led by an all-female team, co-directed by Connor and her filmmaker mom Kate Connor (Fort McCoy starring Eric Stoltz) and shot by Cristina Dunlap (Lizzo, Brandi Carlile). Inspired by the Santa Ana winds which ripped through Los Angeles particularly fierce on a night Connor fell asleep listening to Jonathan Wilson’s “Gentle Spirit,” the song is a powerful example of Connor’s lush vocal work, her tender croons wrapping themselves around every line with such burgeoning allure.

“As the record ended, I woke up, picked up my guitar and the song ‘Wildfire’ came to me, fully formed,” Connor said of creating the song. “I like to think that the winds brought it to me.”

Mara Connor will be having a release show on April 18 at Zebulon in Los Angeles for her NO FUN EP, which is out April 3. Visit her Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.


Listen to Mara Connor’s new single “Wildfire”