Egg Drop Soup Smash conventional gender norms with rebellious new music video for “Tots”

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When no holds barred meets no bras allowed; Local Los Angeles band Egg Drop Soup with their new video “Tots” have delivered a swift and powerful punch to the temple of the conventional gender psyche.

The less than 3 minutes-long song, and perfectly executed music video work together to throw seriousness and caution to the wind by both rebelling against the conventional sort of femininity foisted upon women for generations and at the same time not taking themselves too seriously.

“The idea was cooked up (pun intended hehe) when Olivia and I were brainstorming ways to illustrate our rebellion against women’s beauty standards and their “place” in the home and in society,” shares Westervelt. “We thought the 50’s was the perfect era for that. And we also knew we really wanted to smash some shit. Ultimately we just wanted to take something “classic” and put our own spin on it, and baking a cake that includes these emblematic ingredients and then smashing it just seemed like a righteous way to do that.”

By doing so, Egg Drop Soup have created a more approachable rebel, one that isn’t afraid to speak her mind, but also someone who doesn’t forget that what she’s fighting against is all made up in the first place, so might as well have some fun sticking it to the man — a sentiment that in this case happens to be both metaphorical and literal.

In Egg Drop Soup’s new video for “Tots”, directed by band member Samantha Westervelt (vocalist), Westervelt and guitarist Olivia Saperstein stand in a seemingly picturesque 1950s looking kitchen where they begin to mix baking items with high heels, lipstick, razors press on nails, stockings and other common feminine beauty products. As the song breaks down, so does the baking scene, eventually coming to an attitude infused moment of chaotic, rebellious bliss.

Egg Drop soup have a knack for creating very polished and totally engaging videos. We saw it when we premiered their video for “Partying Alone” and their video for “PMS.” They create some of the best videos we’ve seen from any independent band, and give those major label acts a run for their money. We asked Westervelt about how they accomplish such kickass videos work and this is what she had to say:

“We’re super fortunate in that we’ve been able to meet a lot of really amazing, talented filmmakers who want to make art with us and work with us in kind …. Olivia and I both were filmmakers in a past life … that knowledge has been super helpful and empowering when it comes to producing, directing, and editing our own stuff. I directed this one, but with a lot of help from Olivia who has a lot more experience directing, and our DP Joe Rubinstein, who set up four cameras for us to achieve the look of a classic cooking show. When you have a clear vision and the right resources, such as amazing friends who donate their time and/or homes for locations, The Hand Prop Room … spreadsheets, goodwill, Pinterest, etc.!, you can make anything look super high quality without having to break the bank.”


Aside from the incredible video for “Tots” — the song itself is a burst of acidity, sweet by nature but amplified to an unignorable degree. It’s quick witted and strummed together by crunchy guitars and sharp instrumentals, leaving nothing to nuance. It’s a song that celebrates the tenacity of women everywhere and voices a strong opinion in favor of a woman’s inherent right to decide what happens to her and her body.

“I don’t want your baby,. I just want to bleed. No, I don’t want your baby inside of me,” Westervelt sings.

“Tots” is off of Egg Drop Soup’s last EP, titled ‘PMS.’ To hear more from the band, follow Egg Drop Soup via InstagramFacebook and Twitter. Catch Egg Drop Soup live in Los Angeles on March 30 at the Moroccan Lounge along with Phono Pony (Vancouver), KEEN, and Meow Twins.

Words: Patricia Sanchez

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