CD Player’s “Reimagining” of Georgi Kay’s Dreamy Hits is a a Nuanced Fusion of Nature and Technology

Georgi Kay – Photo: Morgan Demeter

Listening to Georgi Kay’s “Reimagined EP” is redolent of being fully submerged in a sensory deprivation tank. The Australian-British musician took the fan favorites off her 2018 debut album “Where I Go To Disappear” and entrusted them to Brooklyn-based producer, CD PLAYER – but instead of remixing them, he reimagined them entirely. Listen below to see what I mean:

The Georgi Kay and CD PLAYER collaboration is a hybrid of ambience, synthwave, and dark fantasy instrumentals. It summons a nuanced fusion of nature and technology that creates for a literal sound escape and an extremely palpable soundscape that ​feel​ physical. “Reimagined” is the product of a new age of music that defies genre, instead defined by the mood and sensations it evokes.

Georgi has received multiple awards for her original work, but most notably for her striking feature on the song ​”​In My Mind​”​ – by Axwell from ​Swedish House Mafia​. The collaboration earned her an ARIA award, multiple APRA’s, as well as a Grammy​ nomination. Her dreamy, mechanized vocals and layered songwriting are nostalgic and simultaneously cyberpunk.

CD Player​’s discography serves as a multi-sensory journey via sound. For “Reimagined”, he mutated the stems of her songs and fused them with field recordings, creating a sound so real yet otherwordly. CD PLAYER’s style echoes a vintage (in age and aesthetic) subgenre called ​musique concrete​ — which originated in 1920s France and experiments with audio effects and tape manipulation techniques. CD PLAYER, the moniker for artist Jason Tibi, is an underground electronic producer, but he also plays live dj sets, and started his own experimental techno label called ​Search Results​.


Georgi Kay’s “Reimagined EP” is available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music. Catch Georgi Kay in Los Angeles at Songbird Sessions on March 13, and Bar Lubitsch on May 21. More tour dates below.

Words: Jenna Dorn

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Mar 13 – Songbird Sessions, LA
Apr 11 – Metro Theatre w/ LP, Sydney Australia
Apr 13 – 170 Russell w/ LP, Melbourne Australia
May 21 – WFNM @ Bar Lubitsch, LA

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