5 Bands that Did Kate Bush Right with Their Covers of “Running Up That Hill”


There’s just too many incredible cover’s of Kate Bush’s classic “Running Up That Hill.” We have updated our list to feature 13 bands covering the unforgettable song, each bringing a fresh take on the brooding track. Scroll down to hit play on our “Running Up That Hill” playlist which now includes renditions from Car Seat Headrest, Anyma, The Dumplings and more.


It’s no surprise why so many musicians cover Kate Bush’s iconic song “Running Up That Hill” — it’s a powerful, emotional number that really hits the soul. This song has been covered by numerous artists and bands, spanning all genres. During these crazy times of the coronavirus pandemic and now a war in Ukraine, I think we all feel like we’re “running up that hill.” Press play on the five fabulous covers of “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush.


Meg Myers absolutely crushes Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill.” Just writing this sends goose-bumps through my body, from head-to-toe. Last year I caught Meg Myers perform this song, live at the Women Who Rock event the iHeartRadio Theater LA and she was incredible. Fueled with emotion, you could feel every ounce of life within her as she so beautifully, and powerfully sang this iconic song. Not to mention, the instrumentals in this version are badass.


Super synthy and full of those electro-beats, would Chromatics have it any other way? No, and we wouldn’t expect anything different from Chromatics. Fans of synth-wave and all things neo-80s will love this ominous rendition of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill.” Off Chromatics’, stellar 2007 album release, ‘Night Drive,’ the track definitely sticks out like a fine gem.

The Mars Volta


Slow-burning and suspenseful, Placebo rocks the darkest version of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill.” This version is slow-paced and full of those creepy goth vibes. Perfect for your Halloween playlist or as the soundtrack to a grueling climb in spin class. Placebo takes on a more classic tone with piano, but keeps it electric with a variety of ambient sounds and pulses. It’s sexy, for sure.


The sisters Klara and Johanna Söderberg bring that graceful First Aid Kit harmony into light with their gorgeous cover of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill.” Quite possibly, the most tender version of the song, First Aid Kit give those feels justice through their enveloping harmony and range, and of course those soft strums of acoustic guitar. Stripped down and pure, this version is absolutely magnificent.



Matthew Young takes the gold for the sexiest rendition of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill.” Full of soft murmurs and r&b flavor with a succulent slice of tribal drums — you can run up that hill ALL. NIGHT. LONG. with Young’s sweet, wanting vocals.


While all these cover’s of Kate Bush’s classic “Running Up That Hill (Deal With God), nothing tops the queen’s very own original number. Relish in all it’s pulsating goodness below.

Stream the original and all 5 covers of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” below, as well as 9 additional covers that we loved. Fore more of our favorite playlists, including out Best New Songs of the month playlist, follow Grimy Goods on Spotify and Apple Music.

Who’s your favorite cover of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill”? Let us know in a comment below or join the conversation via our Instagram post and Stories.


Latest additions:

Faith And The Muse
David Baron, Donna Lewis
Candy Says, Marc Canham
The Dumplings
Markus Schulz, Dakota, Bev Wild
Car Seat Headrest
Anyma, Meg Myers

Stream the best covers of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill”



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3 thoughts on “5 Bands that Did Kate Bush Right with Their Covers of “Running Up That Hill”

  1. Patrick

    Totally digging the CSHR version these past couple of days. A couple covers on your list I haven’t heard (yet!) but will be checking out, especially FAK.

  2. Steven TUrnbull

    TBH the only one that’s truly transformative is Placebo’s cover. That genuinely is a classic in its own right. Love it as much as Kate’s.

  3. Chris

    Thanks for posting this. I stumbled here by looking into old UK vinyl records of “That’s What I Call Music”, and this one appears on #6 of that UK series. When I heard it, I didn’t recall the Kate Bush version, but the recent Meg Myers version, which was very big in the US, though I had no idea Meg Myers was the artist.

    I was hugely into music in 1985 when Bush’s version came out, but it wasn’t that big in the US (#30 on Billboard pop chart), and even though I was a DJ, and I’m sure I heard it, it didn’t make an impression. So when I heard it sampling the NTWICM songs on youtube, I thought, hmm, how was this played so much recently when it’s from 1985? And a google search brought me here to learn the answer. Voila! Thank god for google!

    Anyhoo, I loved all the versions you shared, but the FIrst Aid Kit probably moved me the most. I’m going to listen to more of their stuff. They’re fab!

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